Jeremy Kyle Completely Blows Up At His Guests!

Jeremy Kyle Completely Blows Up At His Guests!

Given that there are a specific type of people that makes up the usual cast of characters to make an appearance on Jeremy Kyle, it’s shocking that Jezza doesn’t fly off the handle more often.

While he often shows his exasperation clearly on his face, Jeremy is usually pretty good at keeping calm during his attempts at problem solving.



However, during an episode of the show where two guests were arguing (a woman claimed her ex abandoned her and her child, despite the child not technically being his), Jeremy jumped in, forewarning that he was about to “throw a huge atomic bomb right into this.”

The summary of the situation is: Toni came onto the show to complain that Zac (who isn’t the biological father of her son Jayden) wasn’t putting enough effort in with her son. Zac’s new fiance, Becky, came onto the show to tell Toni she’s a fool.

Jeremy dropped the mic with his comment: He’s not the dad, Jayden shouldn’t be calling him Da-Da! More to the point, where’s the real dad?”

The moral of the story ought to be that you can’t force someone to be in another person’s life, and you especially can’t use a child as a bargaining chip when you’re still in love with your ex (which Toni later admitted was the case).

Later on in the conflict-resolution session, Jeremy apologised for his outburst, saying that the story’s conflicts riled him up. Understandably.

I think it’s warranted for Jeremy to lose his shit every now and then, given the stupidity he faces day in and day out for his job. It’s a wonder he hasn’t lost all of his hair yet!

Who still watches Jeremy Kyle to make you feel better about life?