Jeremy McConnell Has Just Tweeted Confirming He Is The Father

Jeremy McConnell Has Just Tweeted Confirming He Is The Father


After 9 months of speculation, arguing and down right childish behaviour, Jeremy McConnell has finally confirmed he is the father to Stephanie Davis’ baby.


Little Caben-Albi who was born just a few weeks ago has until now been without a father as Jeremy had denied his paternity.

Jezza has however now confirmed he is the dad and has also vowed to love him “with every bit” of himself.

He took to Twitter, earlier today writing: “I’ll love this monkey with every bit of me.”

He then took to Instagram where he, added: “Happiest man alive , my new focus.”

Followers of Jeremy on Twitter were quick to jump in following the status.

They all seem to agree that he needs to apologise for being such a dick about the pregnancy and the paternity argument.


And they clearly have a point.

He appeared on This Morning earlier this week to give a DNA sample live on air. He then had to plead with Stephanie to give him the results.

Shortly after the segment, ex-Hollyoaks star Steph posted a lengthy response , which has since been deleted, reading: “Jeremy has felt humiliated by Jeremy denying his own son and foolishly announcing publicly his request for a DNA test.

Jeremy has caused Stephanie massive amount of stress, pressure and upset throughout her pregnancy, ruining what for most women is one of the most special times of their lives.”

This has since been deleted of Steph’s Twitter as well as a string of screen shots she posted showing Jeremy deny he is the father to the child.


Now it is all confirmed, I just hope they can get on with the job of looking after their baby.