Josie Cunningham Left Viewers Appalled After She Flirted With Eamonn On This Morning

Josie Cunningham Left Viewers Appalled After She Flirted With Eamonn On This Morning


The notorious Josie Cunningham appeared on This Morning today and her brief interview has caused a real storm with viewers.


Not only did she flirt with Eamonn in what was possibly the most cringe moment of the year so far. She also enraged viewers as she discussed her sugar daddies and how she gets things on her ‘wish list’.

The 26 year chatted with Ruth and Eamonn about her latest social media trick which sees her flash her breasts in the hope of securing expensive gifts.

She went on to admit that she plans on getting rich men to pay for her boob job (yes another). When asked what else she offers in return, she said

“I’ve three sugar daddies at the moment, the eldest is 65.

“I just get nice gifts in exchange for company, phone call conversations, I might take the 65-year-old the odd bit of bacon here and there.”

Eamonn, chipped in at this point saying: “Wait a minute I’m nearly that age. If you bring me… if I give you a phone call, if I speak to you on the phone…”

But Josie came right back saying: “Eamonn you can phone me any time.”

At which point, Eamon’s wife Ruth – who celebrates her 57th birthday today -gave her a dirty look. This was not something that the viewers missed either.

One wrote on Twitter: “Bloody hell Eamonn Holmes wife Ruth looks fuming after what he said to Josie Cunningham.”


Another added: “Did anyone see Ruth’s facial expression when Josie Cunningham told Eamon he can call her anyday? [sic] #protectyomanruth”.

Eamonn continued to question Josie, asking: “You could bring me a bacon sandwich and then I just pay for your boob job, that’s the way it works?”

Continuing to flirt, she replied: “Well I’d bring you anything you want if you paid for my boob job.”

Which led to further Tweets from viewers: “Ruth’s daggers when Josie Cunningham was flirting with Eamon.. oh dear! #awkward.”

Another added: “#thismorning that Josie Cunningham is an idiot. Ruth looks looks as though she wants to rip her head off and s**t down her neck.”

A fellow viewer agreed, writing: “Oh dear #ThisMorning Ruth is going to lamp Josie in a minute… What a bizarre woman Josie is….”

Here is the full interview if you can take it…