Katie Price Backs Sharon Osbourne Over Madeleine McCann Outrage

Katie Price Backs Sharon Osbourne Over Madeleine McCann Outrage

Katie Price has leapt to the defence of Sharon Osbourne following her controversial comments about the parents of Madeleine McCann. 

Appearing on today’s Loose Women, the former glamour model declared ‘you never leave your children alone,’ and agreed with Sharon that the McCann’s were ‘insane’ to leave the three-year-old and toddler twins alone so they could go for a meal with friends.

The former X Factor judge came under fire recently when discussing the McCann’s on a US chat show, where she said of the situation:

‘They left their baby in the room sleeping while they went to dinner in the restaurant.


‘While they were in the resort their baby was taken. And it is like, “Oh but we can see everything that is going on”. It is like insane.’

The then three-year-old was taken from the apartment her family were staying at in Praia De Luz, Portugal in May 2007, while her parents Kate and Jerry were away.

When Andrea put it to the Loose Women whether Sharon was wrong to say what she did, Katie responded: ‘Well for number one, I am on Sharon’s side.

‘Doesn’t matter who you are, you do not leave your children.’


She then went on to say: ‘In what right mind would you leave your kids alone?

‘Doctors or not doctors, you do not leave your kids in a room.’

The debate caused a social media storm, with many users agreeing with Katie.

One wrote: ‘#loosewomen I was a holiday rep and I have NEVER EVER known families leave children alone.’

While another tweeted: ‘WOW, Good on Katie Price agreeing with Sharon #loosewomen.’

However, others disagreed, with one viewer commenting: ‘How pathetic did all #loosewomen people make themselves look? #mccann.’

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