Did You Know These 20 Awesome Facts About "The Matrix"?

Did You Know These 20 Awesome Facts About “The Matrix”?

Did You Know These 20 Awesome Facts About “The Matrix”?

Essential facts for fans of one of the best movies of the 90’s. Let’s go!

1. It profited over $460 million worldwide

And beat other films that were released that year, including Fight Club ($100.9 million), The Blair Witch Project ($248 million), and The Sixth Sense ($672 million).

2. The Matrix won 4 Oscars – and 32 awards in total

The awards included best sound, sound editing, best visual effects, and best editing. It beat The Phantom Menace in each of these categories at the 72nd Golden Globes. More awards for the film were to be had at the MTV Movie Awards: Best Movie, Best Male Performance, and Best Fight.

3. The Matrix didn’t come up with the Bullet-Time effect

Whilst the Wachowski sisters have made this distinctive effect popular, the first appearance of it was in Kill and Kill Again, a live-action film in 1981.

4. …But everyone has still parodied it anyway

Movies in the noughties had a tendency to zoom about a character in mid-air. Scary Movie, Shrek, and Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo were some of the few to parody the effect.