What It's Like To Date A Girl Who Is Always Hungry

What It’s Like To Date A Girl Who Is Always Hungry

What It’s Like To Date A Girl Who Is Always Hungry

Dating a girl who loves food has many benefits.

I bet you’d have never guessed that women who snack 24/7 are probably the best to invest in. Why?

Let me just give you a run down.

Food will fix all of your fights.

No matter what level you two are on when it comes to an argument, food will win her over. It’s the best way to cheat your way back to forgiveness. Just offer her a pizza or Five Guys and you two are bound to be back on happy terms!

You never have to worry about her cheating.

You just have to worry about her sneaking your food. The only dishonesty you ever have to look out for is the “I don’t know what happened to your leftovers. I thought you took them to work with you?” If it’s missing there’s a 99.9% chance she took it.

Food will get her through her hard times when you can’t.

When you can’t find the words of comfort she so desperately needs to hear, offer her chocolate. When she’s disappointed with life and can’t find it in her to look on the bright side, you will look like a knight in shining armour when you show up with double fudge ice cream. There is something about chocolate that allows a woman to suffer openly and progress her way back to a normal state of mind. Chocolate doesn’t argue or risk the chance of saying the wrong thing. The taste eases the pain and wipes away tears faster than any shoulder to cry on.

Light brunch does not exist.

She might have told you she was in the mood for a “light brunch” but she just can’t help herself. She wants the eggs, scones, mimosas, bacon and waffles. She wants it all. But this is good because when she wants something she doesn’t want to miss out on any part of it, including you.

She’s bootylicious.

The calories gotta go somewhere!

Dinner is not a meal, but an event.

She will plan what she’s going to make for dinner the night before she makes it. By the time she actually starts cooking, she’s so hungry that she decided to make extra sides and dessert. Dinner becomes a miniature thanksgiving every time she volunteers to make it. If you need to impress your friends or coworkers, invite them to dinner!

She plans her vacations by the restaurants.

No matter where you are planning to go, you can bet she’s Yelp’d the food and dining. She can’t wait to try all the fancy cuisine and literally spends more time eating than shopping. Most beautiful places to travel also offer amazing food so you get the best of both worlds.

Drinking makes her more hungry.

Don’t take her out on the town if you don’t feel like stopping for food afterwards. But if you do take her out, keep in mind she will probably be hungry for more than just food after the alcohol kicks in.

When she says “I don’t care where we go to eat” she really means it.

Of course she does. She loves and appreciates all types of food, so you never have to feel like you have to cater to her taste buds.

Pizza will forever be the answer.

If she wants to celebrate her new job, her pregnancy or, ironically, her weight loss, pizza is the best way to giver her a celebration. Nothing screams excitement like a crispy, cheesy pizza and a nice cold beer. To her, it’s the equivalent of you taking her to the fanciest steakhouse in town. You both walk away winners.


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