Little Girl Gives 82 Year Old Man A New Lease On Life

Little Girl Gives 82 Year Old Man A New Lease On Life

This story all started out when and 82 year old man named Dan lost his beloved wife Mary.

After she died, he fell into a deep depression and just sat at home every day staring out at the squirrels in his garden and in his own words – “waiting to die”. It was as bad as that for Dan for around 6 months until one day things changed for him during a trip to the shops.

As he pushed his shopping trolly round a local supermarket, Dan was approached by a mother pushing her daughter round in a trolley. The little girl was a 4 year old named Norah Wood.

Security footage from the store shows Norah “Hi old person, it is my birthday today. Can I have a hug”. This seemingly grumpy old man turned round to little Norah and said “A hug??? Absolutely”.

Norah asked her mother to take a picture of her and her new friend.

“You don’t know. This is the first time for quite a while that I have been this happy.”

Since then Norah has visited her new friend at least once a week, giving him a hug each time and giving his life meaning again.

Norah’s mother even sleeps holding the picture of her and Dan. Her mother thinks it is a little strange but Dan thinks it is a lot simpler than that.