Little Mix's Jesy Nelson Has No Wallpaper & Doesn't Seem To Mind

Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson Has No Wallpaper & Doesn’t Seem To Mind

Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson Has No Wallpaper & Doesn’t Seem To Mind

People are throwing their opinions around about Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson’s New Year’s Eve Instagram picture. Apparently we couldn’t even go one day of 2017 without people being mean on the internet.

The singer posted a picture onto Instagram and she looked fabulous – she was clearly ready to have a cracking New Year’s Eve! But fans could only seem to focus on the backdrop. Because there was no wallpaper.


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Gasps of horror have been heard throughout the comments section of the posted pic. Because apparently, no-one has seen an undecorated wall before.


We have all seen houses without wallpaper before. It’s not unfamiliar. So why are fans kicking up such a fuss?

Bless her, though, because Jesy Nelson clearly gives zero shits about it, happily posting the picture online for her 2.3 million followers to see.

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Some comments included:

“New year sale on wall papering if you want a quote?”


“OH MY GOD YOU’RE A DREAM! Those walls/floor around you not so much.”

“Could do with a bit of wallpaper love xx”

“Do you need a decorator? I can do it. Will work for beers.”

And this fan, while potentially reaching a little bit, had one of the more logical reactions: “Wow shows how normal they are just taking a picture on a not even decorated wall.”

It’s entirely possible that the wall just… isn’t decorated yet. Or maybe Jesy is going for the ‘run down interior’ look that many bars are utilising these days. Either way, everyone just needs to calm down and look at a picture of a puppy…

“The elves are ready” writes @cinniloveswalkies #dogsofinstagram

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