A Look At Holly Willoughby's Home

A Look At Holly Willoughby’s Home

A Look At Holly Willoughby’s Home

Holly Willougby, star presenter of UK hit show This Morning, has granted us a sneak peak of her lush £3million London home, through the medium of social media.


She’s more renowned for her “outfit of the day” Instagram posts, that leave most yearning after the fashion numbers she sports. However Holly has also give us devious glimpses of her wonderful home.

Willoughby resides in a rather extravagant £3million home in London with husband Daniel Baldwin, and their three children Harry, eight, Belle, six, and Chester, three.

Holly married Dan Baldwin back in 2007, and after the marriage and the children, it looks like she put down some pretty solid roots in this unbelievable London pad.

Her posts have given her fans an exclusive look behind the closed doors of her domestic dwelling.

Here Holly shows off not just her swanky kitchen area, but the fact she can evidently make a bloody good dinner.

Again a further look at her kitchen, which seems to carry a simple yet elegant white theme, and a cracking Turkey there.

A modern bit of illuminating signage, paying tribute to the happy couple.

This is apparently what famous people eat off. Some interesting floral designs on this crockery set.

As you can see, she’s quite boastful of her culinary exploits, and in doing so, showed us a rather spacious kitchen area with elegant white worktops, and a huge breakfast island in the centre of the room.

She was also happy to show off her eccentric Emma Bridgewater crockery collection to the world, and has even disclosed that she has some even more elegant china that is saved for purely entertainment purposes.

Holly evidently doesn’t mind a cheeky candle or two as she shows off her what I can only assume is her dining room set up.

Here she reveals that the dining table is in fact used as a base for her children’s creative crafts.

Her dining room displays a stunning all white theme, with some very homely, cosy furnishing.

One picture highlighted her very hipster wicker chairs, and she shared that she keeps fresh flowers in a case alongside a number of candles.

Holly’s living room comes with a wonderfully rustic wooden look, with wooden grey furnishings. The room apparently comes with a cat fitted, as standard.

Here we gain an insight into Holly Willoughby’s bedroom. Something many males across the country only dream of. Again, apparently this comes fitted with a cat, as standard.

Here a make-up free Holly displays a simple, yet spacious bathroom.

The presenter shared her living room, showing a very modern look with comfortable looking grey wool sofas, with accompanying ottoman. The latter of which concealed her pet cat. We can confirm the cat had not just decided to keel over.

The same cat was later pictured chilling out on her bed – which gave a sleek look with a white and grey bedding selection. There was even room for a marble fireplace in there! You know you’ve done alright for yourself if you’ve got a marble fireplace where you sleep.

It’s not just the inside of her abode which is stunningly attractive.

Here Holly steals a quick selfie enjoying the sun. Looking perfect, as per.

Feet up, and relax. Holly gives us a glimpse of her huge garden, with plenty of room for the kids to play.

A perfect playground for her three children.

So, that little nosy into the domestic life of Holly will probably make you sob with envy. The perfect life, the perfect family, the perfect house, and the perfect cat. I mean, I don’t even like cats, but if I did it would be one of them.