Look Outside! The Northern Lights Could Be Seen By Millions Tonight!

Look Outside! The Northern Lights Could Be Seen By Millions Tonight!


Parts of the world could be illuminated by the Northern Lights tonight because of an increase in solar activity! This means that Canada, Northern US, Scotland, Scandanavia and even England are more likely to be able to see the Northern Lights tonight!



Space-weather forecasters have issued a “G2 alert” for this evening, which is the second lowest geomagnetic storm scale classification.

The reports of heightened potential to see the lights have come from The British Geological Survey, Aurorawatch UK and US body Space Weather Prediction Centre.

A new geometric storm has triggered the light display. Normally, tourists seek out the lights in Iceland, Finland and the Arctic Circle.


To see the Northern Lights, it’s important that the skies above are dark and cloud free. The best places to see the lights in England will be in the less polluted areas, away from the towns and cities.

A geomagnetic storm is also expected to hit the South Pole this evening, but with less intensity than the one hitting the Northern Hemisphere.

The “kp number” is used to show how likely it is that a location will be able to view the lights. Areas on the following map that are above or along the “KP5” could see the lights tonight!

Based on this report, the lights may be visible in the UK by eye and camera in Scotland, and may be seen with a camera in northern England and Northern Ireland.

In the US, the lights are predicted to be visible in northern areas such as South Dakota, Iowa, Montana and Washington.

Additionally, you might spot them from southern Norway, southern Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and across central Russia.



If you see the lights tonight, take a picture and put it in the comments!