Magical Harry Potter Eyeliner Quills Will Be Released In 2017!

Magical Harry Potter Eyeliner Quills Will Be Released In 2017!


It seems that the Harry Potter franchise just keeps on thriving. In terms of Harry Potter inspired products, we’ve seen the Harry Potter make-up line, the Harry Potter wand brushes, and even the Harry Potter bath bomb!



The latest addition is just as fantastic as the rest. It’s a Harry Potter eyeliner quill!

Storybook Cosmetics

The product is still being perfected, but Storybook Cosmetics have released this prototype with the promise that it will be launched in 2017!

The eyeliner tip peaks out of a golden quill and the end is sculpted into a feather.


Storybook Quill and Ink liner duo, one of the first products we will be launching in 2017!

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The eyeliner ink comes in a little pot – so the whole thing really does function as a quill for your eyeliner!

Again, Storybook Cosmetics haven’t actually released the product yet, so we don’t know how much it is going to cost and we don’t have an exact launch date. We just know that it will be available sometime in 2017!

They have even been seeking feedback from their Instagram followers so that they can perfect the quill!

So, if your eyeliner is always on fleek and you want to give them your input, you can do so by commenting on their Instagram!



The only feedback we can think of is maybe the quill ought to put your eyeliner on for you, making it so that both eyes look the same every time! What a magical time saver that would be!