Man Creates Barbie Dresses Using Nothing But Toilet Roll and Tissue

Man Creates Barbie Dresses Using Nothing But Toilet Roll and Tissue

Man Creates Barbie Dresses Using Nothing But Toilet Roll and Tissue

Toilet paper is perhaps the most uninspiring thing around. It’s used for one thing, and one thing only. Well not anymore! Singaporean man Jian Yang claims to have to have the largest collection of Barbie Dolls than any other man in the world!

So what does any of this have to do with toilet paper? Well Jian not only enjoys collecting the dolls, but he also enjoys making entirely new outfits for them using you guessed it – toilet paper and tissue. Jian said of his doll-collecting obsession, “Before I knew anything about social norms, I was a boy that watched this on TV, liked it and wasn’t allowed to have one,’ he said. ‘As I grew older, got my own allowance, that’s where I started getting the freedom to buy whatever I wanted.”

Good for you Jian! Everyone needs a hobby, and as you’re about to see – this is a rather beautiful one. So, without further ado, let’s feast our eyes upon some of Yang’s most beautiful creations…


This fishtail braid piece is a stunning example of Yang’s work. Look at how he has crimped the edged of the tissue at the bottom to give it extra texture and realness. Not also how the doll’s accessory is made from tissue.


This has pleats for days and a snazzy piece that covers the arms and accentuates the shoulders. Beautiful.


More pleats, but this time the dress is split from the thigh, revealing leg guurl.


Hats hunny, hats. No lady can go without one, and this doll is certainly wearing it. We love the little balls scrunched on top…very floral.


This number has been accessorised with a handbag, looking as if it’s made from one of those sauce cartons you get at MacDonalds. Good work.


This piece is much more bridal. The dress splits to reveal a cascade of ‘fabric’ (i.e carefully scrunched up tissue) and we think it’s beautiful.


This one has layers, and we love layers. It’s as almost as if the dress were moving. Jian also made the earrings out of Swarovski crystals.


Wow! We’d like to see how someone would walk in this tight-fitting dress but who cares about walking when you could look THIS good?


Simple, yet elegant. One piece over the shoulder and folded. Who would’ve thought it could be so effective?


Again, the doll looks absolutely bridal in this folded piece. Bravo Jian, bravo!


Audrey Hepburn is that you? This number, cinched at the waist, poofs out at the bottom to create this flawless look. The addition of the hat sets everything off.


The most bridal one yet, this one even comes complete with veil and flowers. The pattern on the tissue could be the finest lace. Very clever.


E-leg-ant. Yes, this is another one where leg takes centre stage. Hell, if my leg looked as good as that, I’d want to make sure it was on show.


This one is very glamorous. With a trail at the back and the detail fanning at the top, this tissue creation is a masterpiece.


It’s the wavy edged at the bottom that set this dress apart from all the others. We love it!


Put a touch of the orient into your life with this Kimono-inspired gown. Just look at the detail on the rope around the waist and the folded fan!


10s, 10s, 10s across the board. I love how this dress flows down the back, falling like a river and pooling at the bottom. Simply stunning.


This is a girl who is about to hit the sun, complete with shades and a black bag for all those dollar’s she’s earning. The addition of the bows sets this piece out from the crowd.


Hang on…are those make-up removal pads on her head? Why yes…yes they are, and they shouldn’t be anywhere else because they make one hell of a good hat!


This girl can’t decide if she wants to go to the spa or go out for the night. The rosette is a very nice touch.


It takes patience and a steady hand to create this detail! Look at the flowers spilling down her side, and the bow tied at the back. Beautiful.


There’s a lot going on in this creation! What to talk about first? The flowered-shoulder? The huge throw? There may be a lot happening, but it all happens for a reason.


This is quite different from anything else on the list. It looks like Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep in this number.


These earrings again are handmade by Jian. Look at the way the dress fans out at the bottom! It’s as though she’s been caught in a slight gust.


This girl has been spending her cash dollar and is returning from the shops with all her favourite clothes. I hope there’s an equally as stunning tissue dress in that bag!


This doll looks very content with her dress. This folded stunner ripples down from the waist, folding and falling over itself. Lovely.


This is a vintage Barbie, hard to come by! Look at the detail on the waist as the dress is pinched and then bulbs out again.


Here a textured napkin has been used to create the quilted look for this dress. And what outfit is complete without a dog? None, that’s right! Always remember your pooch.


Bridesmaid. This one caught the bouquet and now she’s next in line to marry.


Oh ma gawwwd look at THIS! Wow. I love everything. I love how the shoulders just seem to explode with material, I love how big it is. I just love it all.


Jian says “I made this in the Park Hyatt in Bangkok.” This Thai dress is a masterpiece.


Again, created in Bankok, this look is very Elizabeth Taylor. The Sheraton logo on her lapel indicated where Yang was staying at the time.


This is my day, I am the bride, look at me! Well, how could we resist? The detail and time gone into making those flowers must be immense.


A crossover on the chest, falling down to absolute perfection.


This looks like a ballerina. I’m not sure she’ll be doing any pirouetting in those shoes though.


I’m not sure how wearable this would be with that big fold at the front. Three steps and you’ll be tripping over yourself. Still, it looks amazing.


This girl is showing off how utterly beautiful she is. This dress was made from a restaurant serviette…notice the Wolfgan Puck? He’s a famous American chef.


This look is ultra chic. Notice the dotted pattern on the napkin. It works wonders.


I am fabulous and no one call tell me differently.


Darling I’m off out and I won’t be back until noon – tomorrow.


Look at the collar on this! Yang should really get into designing bridal pieces.


If you need me, I’ll be out walking the dog and thinking about wine.


These clothes are fresh on.


Anyone for an icecream? Yes please. I will eat this one all up in every flavour.


This time it’s pizza, and which girl doesn’t like pizza? None.

For more of Jian Yang’s amazing creations, head over to his instagram