Man Emerges From Locked Nightclub At 10am After Falling Asleep In The Toilets

Man Emerges From Locked Nightclub At 10am After Falling Asleep In The Toilets

Man Emerges From Locked Nightclub At 10am After Falling Asleep In The Toilets

We’ve all had a few too many drinks before. In fact, some of us have had a few too many drinks a few too many times!

There’s always that feeling at the end of the night too, where your words begin to slur, your eyes become drowsy and before you know it you’re waking up the next morning with a banging headache wondering what in the world had happened.

If you don’t drink, then hats off to you, because you’re escaping all of this!

Sometimes you look back on nights out and think “those were some of the craziest, most fun times I had when I was young“, other times you look back and cringe at the thought of some of the things you’v done. Don’t worry… we’ve all made mistakes.

But, you know you’ve had an exceptionally heavy night when something like this happens…

A man, got so intoxicated that he couldn’t quite make it out of the club in the first place, let alone find his way back to his own bed.

So, where did he sleep you might be wondering. Well, the toilet of course… where else?

Not the ending to the night he expected I’m sure.

What’s more is, when he eventually woke up he found himself locked inside with no way of getting out.

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He was finally released when people heard him banging on the door (probably in mild panic) and alerted the authorities.

The club itself is called the Theatro Club and is located in Malaga, Spain.

One worker, named Javi Gabarron explained:

We heard someone banging on the metal door¬†and a voice shouting: ‘Is there anybody there?

He went on to say that people could hear a voice coming from behind the main entrance to the venue, which was locked with a shutter pulled over it at the time.

He was heard yelling to people, explaining his current predicament. I Don’t know about you but if i’d have heard that, i’d be in freakin stitches laughing!

But, you have to feel sorry for him I suppose. I mean it’s probably pretty scary waking up some where you don’t recognise with no escape.

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Once let out, it was revealed that the party-goer had lost his mobile phone and didn’t even have an idea of the time or day.

Definitely a conversation starter for him next time there’s an awkward silence to fill!

Javi, one of the people who had heard his screams for help, managed to get ahold of the owner who opened the door to see the red-faced man first-hand. One of the most hilarious parts to this particular story is the fact that the man still had a drink in his hand, which he sheepishly handed over to the owner before making his way home.

Of course, once a video of the event unfolding was released onto social media, it went viral.

And in all honesty, one of the reasons it’s so funny is probably because it’s so freakin’ relatable.

What do you make of this man’s nightclub experience Acidheads?

See the full clip below:

(Video Credit: CEN/M HOTNEW)