Man Flies His First EVER Date 2,300 Kilometres Across The Globe

Man Flies His First EVER Date 2,300 Kilometres Across The Globe

Man Flies His First EVER Date 2,300 Kilometres Across The Globe

Looking for love and romance in this day and age can be a little tricky. Phone apps like POF and Tinder remove the personality from a person and just presents you with a picture. Is that something you really want to do when it comes to finding a partner?

Zsolt Levai had never been on a date before. The 32-year-old man from Hungary decided to look for romance online. That’s when he stumbled across Miss Travel, a website which offers men a wide range of women he could ask out on a date.


According to Miss Travel, it’s a website where men can find attractive travel companions. That’s how he came to meet his first ever date, Sariah Lizaman, who is 21-years-old.


Sariah flew 2,300 kilometers for Zsolt’s first ever date in Cyprus. According to Sariah, she wasn’t looking for romance, she just decided to follow her ‘gut instinct’ when it came to this offer of a lifetime.



The 21-year-old is formally an English tutor from Mexico, and while the pair were on holiday they celebrated her 21st birthday.


Zsolt was instantly drawn to Sariah’s profile and knew that she was the one he wanted to take on holiday with him.

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Sariah claims that she wasn’t looking for love, she was just ‘looking for someone to share the same passion for traveling.’

The pair has fallen for each other. As each day of the holiday went on, the pair felt ‘at ease’ with one another. ‘It just felt right’, according to the 21-year-old beauty.


Just a week after their first date, Zsolt popped the big question and asked if Sariah would move in with him. That’s so sweet!

The pair is currently traveling around Zsolt’s home country before they both move to Mexico to start a new life with each other.