Man Starts 'Mansplaining' About Periods And Tampons To Women On The Internet, Gets Destroyed Immediately

Man Starts ‘Mansplaining’ About Periods And Tampons To Women On The Internet, Gets Destroyed Immediately

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    Mansplaining. Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t – but if you happen to be a woman, then odds are you have 100% been on the receiving end of it, whether you realized it or not.

    The term ‘mansplaining’ has certainly become a more staple part of our modern day societal vocabulary over the past couple of years, especially since pretty much every woman on Earth has experienced it (against her will) at some point or stage in her life.

    We can only hope that as it becomes less accepted and easier to recognize (this handy chart is helpful)… in other words hopefully soon guys will actually stop assuming they have superior knowledge because of what they have dangling between their freakin’ legs!

    However, judging by this latest “mansplaining” viral post, which was posted by an Irish user by the name @aisghair, we still have a looooong way to go. Not only is the tone this guy used incredibly condescending, but also this guy is just assuming superior knowledge about something he will literally never experience! And something that women DO in fact deal with pretty much every day of their lives.

    There’s just, SO much wrong with this comment that I really don’t even know where to freakin’ begin! The guy very clearly has very little to NO intimate knowledge of women in the slightest… especially by his use of the phrase “an extra juicy uterine line” (WHY do I feel so violated right now??). It’s almost borderline troll-fodder. I mean surely nobody, man or woman is THIS delusional?

    Well, @aisghair clearly felt the same way, as she presented the offending screenshot with a simple caption.

    The tweet has since blown up, with thousands of people expressing their disbelief at the mansplainers’ lack of empathy, self-awareness and basic knowledge. 9 periods per year? What, do they pause for the holidays? And what about toxic shock syndrome?

    Those tampons need to be changed regularly if his hypothetical woman isn’t gonna end up dead. The basic spelling and grammar mistakes kinda give an insight into the intelligence of the man.

    Obviously, people were pretty quick to quickly scorn the “logic” of this mansplainer, and gave him the true dressing down he deserves! We can only hope that he see’s the responses to his posts and actually learns to take some lessons away from them! We aren’t, however, holding our collective breathe.