How Many Times A Year Do Brits Have Sex - And In Which Cities Is It Most Popular?

How Many Times A Year Do Brits Have Sex – And In Which Cities Is It Most Popular?

How Many Times A Year Do Brits Have Sex – And In Which Cities Is It Most Popular?

Research has confirmed that Brits have sex 86 times a year on average, taking up a whopping 45 hours of our time! Not that we’d complain about that though.

The report highlights that foreplay can last around 11 minutes per session, followed by 12 minutes of the main course, so to speak. For dessert, a cheeky nine minute cuddle following the completion of the deed. It probably be about 120 minutes worth of the latter if women had their own way, as at times you try to peel them off, like one of those shit “tattoos” you’d plaster on your arm as a kid.

It’s been reported that if you’re a based in Nottingham, you bag yourself the most action in a year, over 131 times a years worth to be precise. This is a staggering 45 times higher than the national average.

Lads, I’ve found the destination of our next night out. I suppose it would actually help if the lads were actually single. So *I’ve found the destination of my next night out.

Almost half of Brits, around 41%, choose to have sex in the dark, the poll of just over 2000 adults found.

25% of the population prefer the darkness, with about 40% confirming they feel a tad self-conscious with the lights on.

People who prefer making waves with the lights on, claim that it makes it a lot more exciting, and others saying they take more enjoyment in being able to see their partners. Having the lights on is not all positive however, with some commenting that they keep the lights on to save them from falling asleep during sexual intercourse.

I however do not subscribe to that logic, and I think I would be firmly in the “lights off” camp. I think it would be in the best interests of me, and the other person, that this is the case. My fringe has a tendency to stick to my fringe, with some form of sweaty glue, and the concept of looking into the others eyes makes me feel somewhat uncomfortable.

If you’ve been with someone for years, maybe so. One night stands? I think not.
What do our biggest cities sexual preferences look like then? Which city would opt for discretion ahead of a more visual performance of affection?

Cities that prefer sex with the light on

Birmingham 41% – Evidently the Brummeys have a fear of love making in the dark.

Leeds 32%

Southampton 32%

Newcastle 32%

Liverpool 29%

Cities that prefer sex in the dark

Bristol 54% – Seems like the Bristol lot aren’t lookers, with the majority opting not to see their lovers face during private time.

Edinburgh 49%

Glasgow 48%

Manchester 47%

Plymouth 46%

The research was collected, rather bizarrely, by energy company Boost, who are looking to reward customers who have been using their lights with a new, more energy efficient, light bulb.


The company worked with writer and expert of all things sex, Alix Fox, who commented

“Turning on the lights while getting intimate might initially seem like a turn off to many people, but there are myriad great reasons to keep the bulbs burning while you get down to business.

“For starters, you can actually see what you’re doing. If you’re fumbling and bumbling about in the dark you’re less likely to get it right.”

The research also found that one in seven people pay as you go energy users have experienced a power outage during “sexy time”, throwing them into forced darkness.

They will be offering the energy efficient bulbs, to the residents of Birmingham, Leeds, Southampton, Newcastle and Liverpool. The offer begins 13th February at 08:00 right up until 23:59 on Valentines Day. Offer is only valid for 18+, not that anyone under the age of 18 really has any interest in the energy supplier of their homes.