Massive Twitter Thread Denounces Rachel/Ross

Massive Twitter Thread Denounces Rachel/Ross

Massive Twitter Thread Denounces Rachel/Ross

The American sitcom Friends ran from September 22, 1994, to May 6, 2004, lasting ten long seasons. But even thirteen years after the show has ended, fans still have questions and complaints about the way the show panned out. While many people remember the finale, where Rachel left her dream job in Paris to stay with Ross with fondness, loving their relationship, other fans… Disagreed.

One fan, twitter user @KaneandGriffin was sick of people hating on the brief Joey/Rachel story line, and made a huge twitter thread detailing why Ross and Rachel were terrible for each other, and why Joey and Rachel would have had a much better ending together.

She started off by pointing out that Joey and Rachel actually had a solid friendship together, while Ross had had a crush on her since high school, and only ever considered her as someone he wanted to date.

Many people remember the scene where he jokingly flirts with her while they’re both drunk, and when she flirts back he realises she’s had too much to drink and stops.

I’m sure they had their moments of just hanging out together, but thinking back, all I can remember is the constant drama.

He’s really the only one who doesn’t act like Ross having had feelings for her for a long time entitles him to her love.

She then talks about how Joey’s character changed and progressed though the series.

He really falls for her when he takes her out  on a friendly date, as she missed going on them since she got pregnant. He tells her his feelings, and when she doesn’t return them he accepts that. He doesn’t throw a tantrum and they remain friends.

She also pointed out that Joey always supported Rachel’s career, while Ross often seemed to actively sabotage it.

He hated all her male coworkers and even fell asleep at a work event he insisted she take him to, which is so disrespectful I’m surprised that wasn’t the final deal breaker for them.

Joey genuinely wanted her to be happy and successful.

Ross was dismissive of her work like when she was ‘just a waitress’ but once she started on a great career path he acted as if her success was taking her away from him, and that she should lose that success just to stay with him.

She was ready to go and have a great life and he dragged her back. Sometimes if you want someone to be happy you have to accept they can’t be with you. Which every other friend figured out.

To be fair, looking at her relationship with Ross a pot plant would probably be a better romantic prospect.

She talks about how Joey really starts to mature when he and Rachel are living together, and how conversely, she become more relaxed and fun around him. She then compares that to how she is with Ross.

She talks about the difference between how Ross and Rachel deal with their problems, Shouting, arguing, both wanting to be ‘right’, and how she and Joey deal with her not being able to return his feelings, both crying in the restaurant together but remaining friends.

Don’t we all know a guy like this? Desperate for some mirage of a girl he doesn’t really know, and if they ever get together he’s furious that she doesn’t match up to the version of her he made up in his head.

I absolutely hate shows and films where right from the start you can see who’s going to end up with who. It removes any tension the drama might have had and it just feels like the whole will they or won’t they deal has no weight because of course they will! They always do. Setting up a relationship as endgame and then pulling the rug out and having them end up with other people could have been great, and would have influenced other shows to maybe try the same.

The tweet thread ends at 100, and you can read the whole thing here.