This Was The Moment Kim K First Heard About Kanye's Breakdown

This Was The Moment Kim K First Heard About Kanye’s Breakdown

This Was The Moment Kim K First Heard About Kanye’s Breakdown

The latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians Kim shows the moment Kim found out Kanye had to cancel his tour after his emotional struggles.

Kim was apparently so ‘drained’ after the Paris robbery and Kanye’s breakdown that she ‘couldn’t even function’.

While in New York attending the Angel Ball in tribute to her late father Robert Kardashian, Kim received a call from one of Kanye’s friends.

She said: ‘He’s just crying on the phone to me and he wouldn’t say what’s wrong.

She went on to say that she felt Kanye needed her, saying: ‘I think he really needs me and I need to get home.’

The second-eldest of Kris Jenner’s daughters decided to fly to be with her husband.

Speaking to her sisters later on she said: ‘I’m exhausted… I haven’t had my phone for days… I’m not in the mood to get into it right now.

‘I’m just emotionally drained and exhausted.’

She then suggested that it would be good for Kanye to step away from work for a while.

She said: ‘This is forcing him to take much needed time off which I think he really needs and I think that will be really good for him.

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‘But I feel a sense of responsibility just with the pressure of taking care of everything.

‘Even after the robbery and everything it’s just I’ve been staying home and I’ve been looking to him to just take care of everything while I stay home. I can’t even function.’

She then said: ‘Kanye was really cute, he was like ‘so this is what for better for worse means’ and I’m like ‘yeah’.

‘This is being a wife. This is what you got to do.’

The next episode of KUWTK will air on E! on Sunday April 23 at 8pm.


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