You May Have Been Playing Monopoly Wrong Your Whole Life

You May Have Been Playing Monopoly Wrong Your Whole Life

You May Have Been Playing Monopoly Wrong Your Whole Life

Monopoly – you either love it or you hate it.

Well actually, you love the memory and nostalgia of it until you actually play it… Then you hate it.

Monopoly was an absolute classic for caravan holidays and family game nights, and at first it starts out great: you’ve got a nice handful of colourful money, you’re playing with your favourite piece, and the whole family is gathered around with a nice cuppa and a couple of biscuits.

And then you get to the stage of being a couple of times around the board.

You’ve either been stuck in jail for about 5 turns, or you’ve landed on the same hotel every single time while your nan’s raking in your hard earned money, or the stress of being the banker has finally got to you and you’re ready to quit your newfound job.

Yeah, now it’s all coming back, isn’t it?

Well, be prepared to become even more lowkey annoyed than you already are, because it turns out that this whole time you probably could have won, or the game would have gone a lot quicker at least!

And the worst part is that it was in the rule book the whole time, we just never really read it.

The rule book says: “Whenever you land on an unowned property you may buy that property from the Bank at its printed price.

“You receive the Title Deed card showing ownership; place it face up in front of you. If you do not wish to buy the property, the Banker sells it at auction to the highest bidder.

“The buyer pays the Bank the amount of the bid in cash and receives the Title Deed card for that property.

“Any player, including the one who declined the option to buy it at the printed price, may bid. Bidding may start at any price.”

Who else is finally ready to rematch their family from that one unfair game back in 2007?

Do you think this will make the game slightly less rage-inducing, or do you think this just adds a whole new level of competitiveness?