This Morning Viewers Have Been Sharing Their Celebrity Doppelganger Pictures

This Morning Viewers Have Been Sharing Their Celebrity Doppelganger Pictures

This Morning Viewers Have Been Sharing Their Celebrity Doppelganger Pictures

Recently This Morning’s Facebook thread blew up as fans were uploading really funny celeb lookalikes.

Some people have dreams of looking like their favourite celebrity and will spend a ridiculous amount on surgery, whereas other people will get lucky and look like a certain celeb.

ITV’s This Morning posted on Facebook a status saying “Do you look uncannily similar to a celebrity? Maybe a member of the This Morning family is your doppelganger? Leave your celeb lookalike pictures below!”

The results were hilarious including a girl who looks like Cheryl Cole, a woman who looks like Keith Lemon and a baby who looks like Gordon Ramsay.

People couldn’t believe how much Sian looks like Cheryl Tweedy.

I will be joining Mr. Cowell at his judges houses this weekend ??

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The real Cheryl Tweedy on Instagram.

The most talked selfie on the Facebook thread was the Cheryl lookalike who thought her selfies are actually pictures of the singer.

Sian Teesdale posted on the thread, saying: “So I get told I look like Cheryl Cole. I’m a big fan of her so I’m not complaining”

The image she shared on the thread was herself wearing a long-sleeved black top, denim dungarees and a baseball cap.

The brunette wavy haired model lookalike pouts for the camera and people can’t believe it.

One said: “Oh my goodness you’re just like her! Beautiful!”

Someone else offering career advice said “OMG you win this, hands down! There has to be a career opportunity for you out of this as a professional lookalike”


Is that you Keith Lemon?

The real Keith Lemon.

One comment that had people laughing was a woman who looks like Keith Lemon.

Angie Hjerling shared a selfie on the Facebook thread, saying “Worryingly…….when I put one of those silly beer mats on at Christmas….I looked like Keith Lemon!!!!”

People thought it was hilarious.

One said: “So funny! A person who can laugh at themselves is a wise person indeed”

“Exactly like him,” another chuckled. “Brilliant.”

Through t' keyhole starts again Saturday 13th 9.30 on @itv

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Keith looks like he’s hit a midlife crisis and decided to grow his hair long.

Tasha Fisher reckons her husband looks like the Take That lead singer Gary Barlow.

The Take That singer who appeared on the X Factor as a judge from 2011-2013 finally has a twin.

Waiheke Island wow ! Put it on your list. Totally beautiful #nz

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The resemblance couldn’t be any clearer!

One viewer told her: “You win hands down!”

While another said: “Best one! You made my day”

Alex Wilson’s baby pulls a great Phil Mitchell impression!

Other entries on This Morning Facebook thread included a baby who looks like chef Gordan Ramsay and a grandad who looks like Carl from Up.

The Gordon Ramsay baby lookalike is hilarious!

Is Gordon his father?

Here’s Reggie Brown, the Barack Obama look alike. Can you see a resemblance?

After stepping down from the chair in 2017, Obama was left in a situation of what to do with his time as most days, he didn’t have anything planned. His first port of call was a holiday away with the family, where alongside billionaire Sir Richard Branson they indulged in a spot of kite surfing.

But it wasn’t long before he was back meeting foreign dignitaries and turning up for jury duty.


Obama was then interviewed by Prince Harry, in which Obama warned about the dangers of the internet in becoming an echo chamber where people can have different realities. He also said that since being out of the office, it has enabled him to work on longer term projects.

“I am able to focus on what I think are long term problems in a way I couldn’t always do” he said.

Obama was seen in Washington at Christmas time playing Father Christmas to dole out gifts to delighted youngsters at the Boys and Girls Club.

He wore a Santa hat, but instead of wearing the big red suit, he decided to wear a leather jacket which stunned around 50 students. Obama doesn’t seem handy when it comes to fancy dress!

Sharing his visit on Twitter, he said “There’s no better time than the holiday season to reach out and give back to our communities.”

Here is Prince Harry lookalike Matthew Hicks.

The resemblance between each other is pretty crazy, were they twins? Here Matthew looks like he should be part of the royal family, with the big stately home behind him making it look like he lives there. I wonder what Prince Harry is doing these days after proposing to Megan Markle not so long ago.

Camilla Shadbolt

We know who Camilla looks like as soon as we see her face and tanned long legs. Of course, it has to be Victoria Beckham!

Camilla is pictured here in front of an Australian billboard holding a coffee and looking like she’s ready to shoot a photoshoot.

However, Victoria these days has been out in Madrid mastering a chic city style as husband David pokes fun at her love of cheap wine.

Victoria posted an Instagram video showing her attempts to cover up the mosquito bites on her legs with make-up, before eventually opting for a dress that would cover them completely.

The Spice Girls star recently opened up about how much she spends on beauty products to get her iconic look, which she revealed was more than £1200. That’s just a bit of pocket change to Posh! She spares no expense when it comes to looking good and she has opened up about the products she uses, including a £185 moisturiser and a £75 foundation.What’s the special ingredient?

In a piece for, victoria details her extensive skin, hair and make-up routine and lists the luxury products she uses everyday.

The moisturising lotion she uses is called Crème de la Mer, which is £185 and a foundation by the same company that retails for £75.

Victoria splashes out on some pricey products when it comes to her, including an Oribe shampoo that costs £38 a bottle and matching conditioner that starts at £46.

Victoria also reveals she uses a special £59 Latisse serum that helps grow her eyelashes and eyebrows. It’s not all luxury items for the former singer though, as she spends just £9.95 on a Weleda boy lotion that’s stocked at high street health chain Holland & Barrett.

SR toothpaste, which is sold for £1 at Wilko’s is the toothpaste that Posh Spice uses to keep her teeth sparkling.

Victoria’s beauty regime includes a massive £429 on skincare, £326 on make-up and £84 on her hair!

Kisses from Paris x

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