ASOS Releases Completely Crotchless Jeans

ASOS Releases Completely Crotchless Jeans

ASOS Releases Completely Crotchless Jeans

ASOS visitors have been completely confused by a pair of jeans that look as though they may as well not be there at all.

If you buy from ASOS you might have stumbled across these little beauties from The Raggest Priest’s Black Label collection – the scant looking denim jeans will set you back a whopping £75 and images of them have gone viral on Twitter after an ASOS shopper discovered them.

The crotch area of the trousers is completely missing and the material is chained together by a pair of metal suspenders: guaranteed to leave your thighs chilly.

On the site, ASOS describe the perplexing item as ‘hot-right-now denim’ and joke that ‘some days call for a little extra’ in the description of the trousers. They also go on to say that the jeans will ‘add attitude to your style’ when worn with a t-shirt and beanie hat.

We’re not sure about that, but they’ve definitely managed to amass a lot of attention!

Source: ASOS

A particularly bemused shopper wrote: “Call me old fashioned but I like my jeans to have an arse in them!”

Another wrote: “£75 to get ur foof out on ASOS. Like. Wtf is this mess.”

If they didn’t look strange enough, and if they weren’t expensive enough – the jeans also sound like they’d be an effort to upkeep, seeing as they’re hand wash only.

Source: ASOS

The clothing seems to be trying their hardest to be chaps – short for the Spanish chaparreras – which are made up of a belt and leg coverings and worn by cattle herders in Mexico and Spain. However, these are now also closely associated with fetish culture, so we’re really not sure what to say about that.

More confused Twitter users took to the social media platform to voice their opinions on these weird and wonderful jeans:

“I think I’ll just pass,” wrote one shopper who was completely dumbfounded after browsing around the ASOS site and seeing all of the bizarre options available. And we really don’t blame them.

We’d be lying if we said this was the first instance this fashion giant has drawn attention to itself by offering us particularly weird denim items. Remember back in August, when their ‘builders bum’ jeans also went viral too?

Source: ASOS

Whatever the case, we’re definitely kicking off 2018 fashion in a memorable way. But maybe we’re not ready to let go of crotches in trousers just yet…

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