New Years Day Eastenders Ending Has Sent Fans Into Meltdown

New Years Day Eastenders Ending Has Sent Fans Into Meltdown


Before you read any further. If you have not yet seen the New Years Day episode of Eastenders and you don’t want to know what happened, STOP READING THIS NOW!



If however you did see it, you will know that it ended in total tragedy.

Today’s episode saw the wedding of Ronnie and Jack Branning turn from a joyous occasion to total tragedy.

The end of the episode saw the much anticipated deaths of sisters Ronnie and Roxy as they drowned together in the swimming pool at the wedding venue.


After a number of turbulent weeks, the sisters reunited on the wedding day. Jack had also accepted that Roxy will always be by her sister’s side, the future was looking bright with everyone looking ahead to a bright future.

All the way through the episode, Ronnie was being likened to Cinderella and then at the end as Jack read a bed time story to their kids, she died at midnight. Ronnie and Roxy had grabbed a bottle of champagne and headed to the roof. During this scene, viewers were sure the pair would fall off and die.

It was however not the roof that led them to their demise. It was in fact the indoor pool at the hotel.

The scene started out with Roxy leaping into the pool in a drunken state and potentially the shock of the temperature, she didn’t come back to the surface. Ronnie jumped in after her to save her and she was weighed down by her heavy wedding dress.

Fans have taken to Twitter in a mixture of sadness and confusion.



RIP Ronnie and Roxy!