Nintendo May Replace The Discontinued Mini NES With A Mini SNES

Nintendo May Replace The Discontinued Mini NES With A Mini SNES

Nintendo May Replace The Discontinued Mini NES With A Mini SNES

After the Mini NES was discontinued, a lot of us still aren’t over the fact that Nintendo turned its back on such a popular and downright adorable games console. It was a miniature version of the NES and came pre-loaded with thirty classic games – rumour has it that it was discontinued so that it wouldn’t be in direct competition with the Nintendo Switch (not that that really makes a great deal of sense).

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Hearsay aside, a report from Eurogamer claims that Nintendo actually had another motive in discontinuing the Mini Nes: so that their concentration could be shifted to the production of a smaller version of the SNES – or a miniature Super Nintendo Entertainment System, to be precise.


The new tiny console is apparently intended to be available to the public by the time we’re all thinking about buying gifts for the holidays. Pretty convenient! It will reportedly be similar to the Mini NES in that it will be a plug-and-play and will be pre-loaded with a bunch of games. Whilst we don’t know exactly which games might be on there, it’s surely got to include Donkey Kong CountryA Link to the Past, and Super Mario World… Right?

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Now that it’s a little more clear that the the Mini NES was only supposed to be a novelty gift for Christmas 2016, we have to face the possibility that the mini SNES might follow suit and be discontinued after the new year for similar reasons.

Even so, there’s no answers to questions like “Why couldn’t we just have the Mini NES and the mini SNES?” or “What’s the point in discontinuing them if they’re in high demand?”

But we can at least look on the bright side, Nintendo fans – the Famicom Mini is apparently set to make a re-appearance at some point, too.


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