Nokia Are Going To Relaunch The Nokia 3310

Nokia Are Going To Relaunch The Nokia 3310

Nokia Are Going To Relaunch The Nokia 3310

Do you remember getting your first mobile phone? I mean before the invention of fancy smart phones when mobiles were a lot simpler than they are today.

Take the Nokia 3310 for example. It was originally released around 16 years ago and was an absolute must have phone of its time. The features we all loved about the phone were a choice of ring tones, Snake, the ability to text message and of course a battery that lasted four days. Not to mention the fact that there were no issues with broken screens etc as this bad boy could take being run over by a car and still be ok.



When we use our iPhones and Android devices today and constantly worry about losing it or smashing the screen, we sometimes reminisce about this classic device. Well we have some good news for you as this classic is making a return.

The phone is going to be sold as a way to allow lots of battery life in a nearly indestructible body (again) – for £50.


The Nokia 3310 will likely be pitched as a second phone and will be launched at Mobile World Congress later this month, according to VentureBeat’s Evan Blass, who first leaked the details.


At present Nokia have not confirmed what the new phone will look like or any detail surrounding the specs of the phone but if it’s anything like the old model, we can expect to enjoy features like Snake II and Space Impact as well as the ability to store up to ten reminders.

I can see this being popular among those people who are sick and tired of forking out an absolute fortune for a phone that dies in less than a day and requires constant care and attention.

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