Then And Now With Your Favourite Britain's Got Talent Contestants

Then And Now With Your Favourite Britain’s Got Talent Contestants

Then And Now With Your Favourite Britain’s Got Talent Contestants

Britain’s Got Talent is approaching it’s 10th anniversary as ITV’s most popular talent show. Happy birthday, BGT!

When it started in 2007, a lot of us didn’t understand why we even needed another talent show. But ever since, the show has captured our hearts and some incredibly well known faces have come to light thanks to making their appearances onstage.

There’s so much to enjoy – and the ever-comical judging panel is one of the best parts. We’ve seen David Hasselhoff, David Walliams, and Kelly Brook (remember?) all take a seat to judge one of the most influential talent shows of our time.


To kick off the birthday celebrations a little bit early, here’s some of the acts you might remember and where they are today:

1. Connie Talbot

Connie blew away the judges and the public with her incredible singing voice and adorable charm. She was supposed to sign a contract with Sony after she was done with the show, though the label withdrew their offer because she was so young.

Since Connie has left BGT behind, she’s earned her spotlight in the Far East. She’s an extremely popular YouTuber in Asia, with more than 380 million views on the videos she uploads. In the 2011 Chinese New Year, also performed on Chinese state TV to her most sizable audience.

Today, Connie is still working on her music and releasing albums.


2. Perri Kiely (from Diversity)

Image: Instagram / Jordan Banjo

Wow, Perri! The years have definitely changed him, but we’ll always remember when he appeared on BGT as the idol of Diversity dance troope.

Perri went on a nationwide tour after the show, and his dancing talents have lead him to land a role in the Streetdance films.

And that’s not all: in 2014, he was the champion of the second series of Splash! and has since appeared as a presenter and a host for various things, such as Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.

3. Aidan Davis

Image: Instagram / Aidan Davis

Remember when this little fella gave us an unbelievable show as he danced to Flo Rida’s song Low on BGT? Performing in the series which also had Susan Boyle and Diversity, his skills had him finish in fifth place.

Seven years later, and this kid has really grown up! Now an 18-year-old, Aidan shows us that his interests have shifted to music judging by his Instagram. Curious – we’ll have to wait and see what he does next!

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