This Old 'Hot Wheels' Car Is Extremely Valuable Today - And Yours Could Be Too

This Old ‘Hot Wheels’ Car Is Extremely Valuable Today – And Yours Could Be Too

This Old ‘Hot Wheels’ Car Is Extremely Valuable Today – And Yours Could Be Too

A lucky American toy fanatic has recently discovered the true value of his 1969 Hot Wheels car on the Antiques Roadshow. You’ll be wanting to rummage around in the attic to find your old childhood toy cars after you hear how much this one is now worth!

The Hot Wheels car in question was a prototype of the early Volkswagen Microbus Beach Bomb. Because of the great condition of the toy, as well as the fact that this model is extremely rare, the estimated value of it reached a whopping £80,000 to £120,000.

An amazing result for something you could find in your loft!

Image: Antiques Roadshow

This original version of the VW classic didn’t stay on the shelves for too long back in its day. It was just too top-heavy to function as a Hot Wheels car should – i.e. the unbalanced weight of the toy mean that it would fly from the tracks when there were corners involved, seemingly attempting to be a plane.

You’d have thought this would’ve been checked over before they were sold. But then again we’re now thankful, as the originals are worth a fortune now.

This particular model was given to the Hot Wheels fan by his dad, who had worked as a foreman for the Mattel corporation (you’ll know them better as the people who create Hot Wheels toys).

The owner’s father gave him the wise advice to keep the model someplace safe, as it might just end up being worth a great deal of money in the future. And he was right, so it turns out!

This isn’t the first time Antiques Roadshow has surprised someone with the worth of their possessions. A man once brought in a GMT Master Model Rolex that he’d purchased for £92 in the 1960s – that’s about £720 today.

Image: Antiques Roadshow

Whilst it was worth an entire month’s salary at the time, his watch was found to have an estimated worth of £52,000 – £60,ooo when he shared his investment with the Antiques Roadshow.

It helped that he still had the original box, bracelet, and paperwork, but even minus those things it still would have been worth a small fortune.

It’s time we all had a dig around our attics again.