Orangutan at the Barcelona Zoo is enchanted by a guy's magic trick

Orangutan at the Barcelona Zoo is enchanted by a guy’s magic trick

Orangutan at the Barcelona Zoo is enchanted by a guy’s magic trick

Magic tricks are for everyone. Even if you think that the trick itself is not a big a deal, someone out there is going to get a kick out of it. That is what happened when this orangutan at the Barcelona Zoo found some humor in the trick that this guy performed for him during his visit there. To be honest, it wasn’t much of a trick, however, watching this orangutan’s reaction is priceless! I guess being cooped up like that makes anything different seem worthwhile. In fact, it was a heartfelt moment between this orangutan and this visitor.

First the guy shows this zoo animal the object that is in his empty to-go cup (it looks like a tea bag) and then he puts the lid on it. The orangutan is behind the glass and watching intently. It’s funny how curious this creature is even when the guy is just showing him the cup and the tea bag inside especially when he puts the lid back on the cup and the visitor slyly moves the cup away from the orangutan’s view. During this move, the visitor apparently removes the object from inside of the cup and then returns the cup to the window with the lid back on for the orangutan to view once again. Again, the orangutan is watching with absolute interest and then the visitor removes the lid to reveal that the teabag is now gone from the cup. Clearly, it doesn’t take much to impress this orangutan because he literally keels over with laughter! His mouth is wide and all of his teeth are showing while he simply falls over when noticing that the object from the cup was no longer in there. Perhaps he was just thankful that someone took the time to treat him to a quick magic show.

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