Original Tamagotchis Are BACK And Everyone Is Going Absolutely Wild About It

Original Tamagotchis Are BACK And Everyone Is Going Absolutely Wild About It

Original Tamagotchis Are BACK And Everyone Is Going Absolutely Wild About It

As a 90’s kid, you probably had a tamagotchi at some point. And as a 90’s kid, you’ve also probably wished that they never dropped off the face of the planet at some point. But thanks to retro styles making a huge comeback, the original 90’s Tamagotchi has actually been re-released in Japan.

That’s right – it’s not even a knock-off version, as we’ve seen attempted (disappointingly) before. These are the actual, genuine, weirdly adorable digital pets!

However, it does look like the Tamagotchi is only available on Amazon Japan at the moment. Looks like the rest of us will have to cross our fingers wherever else we may be in the meantime, but it’s still doing incredible things for our sense of 90’s nostalgia.


After a Japan-only release of the toy in 1996, 1997 was the year that Japanese toy company Bandai released the first Tamagotchis to the rest of the world. As well as being one of the main highlights of our childhoods, Tamagotchis gave us a simple, early insight into the world of adult responsibilities: the feeding of and cleaning up after a pet.

Since it was first released out into the world, there have been over 76 million sales of the toy. And now, we can expect one of our favourite nostalgia-inducing digital games to return to us – complete with the same six characters we knew and loved back then.

Okay, so this video isn’t exactly new – it’s been on YouTube since January 9, 2017. But this is the first time that that a lot of us are getting to know what’s happening, so everyone’s mega excited.


It’s easy to see why so many of us were obsessed. Tamagotchis meant that we could act like a grown-up with important responsibilities whilst simultaneously being a kid who likes to play. You might have even brought yours to school with you to make sure it didn’t die.

My girlfriend, deprived of a Tamagotchi of her own as a child, remembers looking after other kid’s pets on the playground – even going so far as to call it her “Tamagotchi daycare centre.” If that isn’t dedication, I don’t know what is.

There’s just one piece of news that I think we’d all like to hear even more: Tamagotchis being sold in the UK again!

It’s probably only a matter of time…


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