Paris Jackson Finally Breaks Silence Over The Serious Allegation's Against Her Father

Paris Jackson Finally Breaks Silence Over The Serious Allegation’s Against Her Father

Paris Jackson Finally Breaks Silence Over The Serious Allegation’s Against Her Father

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    By now, you’ve probably heard about a little documentary that aired this week called Leaving Neverland: Michael Jackson and Me. If you haven’t, well, you really, really need to.

    Leaving Neverland was produced by Dan Reed, and has been sparking a fierce debate within Tinseltown ever since it’s first showing. And now, Michael Jackson’s eldest child, his daughter Paris Jackson, has finally broken her silence on those horrific allegations that have been consistently thrown her father’s way over the decades.

    Ever since premiering at last year’s Sundance festival, Leaving Neverland has been grabbing headlines and causing great controversy among fans and friends of the late music legend. It has also resulted in the Jackson family trying to sue HBO, which is where it was first aired out to the public, as well as causing Reed to speak out himself in order to throw blame at the King of Pop’s family for ‘allowing’ these alleged horrific incidents to occur in the first place.

    Whatever your views may be on Leaving Neverland, it’s clear that the internet is incredibly divided over the shocking and graphic nature of the documentary. Not only is it airing almost an entire decade after Jackson himself suffered a massive heart attack due and died while taking a cocktail of prescription drugs, but Leaving Neverland is also opening up some old wounds and causing literally everyone and their aunt to have an opinion.

    Despite the fact that Paris, Jackson’s now 20-year-old daughter, wasn’t even born when Wade Robson and James ‘Jimmy’ Safechuck were visiting Jackson at the Neverland Ranch, it still hasn’t stopped her passing judgment on the absolutely shocking claims that are made during Leaving Neverland.

    It’s not unusual for Paris to be outspoken on plenty of issues, however for the ones surrounding the documentary Paris has remained pretty silent, for obvious reason’s as I’m sure you can imagine. Until now, that is. When Gay Star News incorrectly ran an article saying that Paris Jackson had given an ‘official statement’, she finally spoke out about the whole ordeal. Signing onto Twitter to reach out to her followers, Paris said;

     “I actually haven’t made any statements yet, especially regarding how it affects my work life.”