People Are Now Jumping Out Of Moving Cars Thanks To The Latest Internet Craze

People Are Now Jumping Out Of Moving Cars Thanks To The Latest Internet Craze

People Are Now Jumping Out Of Moving Cars Thanks To The Latest Internet Craze

Remember the Mannequin Challenge? What about Flossing? Well those viral trends have now been taken over by a completely new internet craze known as the #InMyFeelings challenge. However, this particular contest has developed a dark side thanks to hundreds of people who are now posting online videos of themselves jumping out of moving cars.

The internet craze started out as a relatively innocent viral dance routine. The Instagram comedian Shiggy posted a video of himself dancing in the street or ‘doing a Shiggy’ to Drake’s new track ‘In My Feelings’, a song taken from his latest album Scorpion (2018).

#Mood : KEKE Do You Love Me ? ??? @champagnepapi #DoTheShiggy #InMyFeelings

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In the two weeks following Shiggy’s post, over half a million clips of people attempting to do the #InMyFeelings Challenge have been uploaded to Instagram, including high-profile celebrities such as Will Smith, Kevin Hart and Ciara. Most of these videos showed people dancing to the song next to their parked cars or performing in the street.

However, some participants have taken the challenge to the next level by dancing to Drake’s song in their car and then jumping out of it whilst the car is still moving.

This added twist doesn’t really seem worth it, as everyone who has posted a video of themselves doing the challenge has clearly injured themselves as they roll out of the car and past the door.

These two girls didn’t even manage to stand up and dance because they had already tripped and fallen onto the tarmac:

This internet user managed to pick himself up again after initially face planting onto the ground in a car park:

And finally, Twitter user Jamie Corbett received criticism after he added this ludicrous twist to the end of his video:

There are still hundreds of people currently posting their own version of the dance craze on Instagram every hour. But thanks to this latest twist, the internet sensation might be about to take a darker turn. No serious injuries have been reported just yet, but it only looks like a matter of time now thanks to the videos above.

What do you think of the #InMyFeelings challenge? Have people well and truly lost their mind? Let us know in the comments section below.