People On Instagram Just Aren't Sure What To Think About Brow Feathering

People On Instagram Just Aren’t Sure What To Think About Brow Feathering

People On Instagram Just Aren’t Sure What To Think About Brow Feathering

Stella Sironen, a Finnish make up artist, has started an Internet divide over a new(ish) trend. Recently, Sironen uploaded a photo to her Instagram account which featured an eyebrow with the hairs smoothed in different directions – essentially parted down the middle and stuck down. And this was where it all began.

The brows are carefully styled to look like a feather, and are definitely impressive and artistic. A select few with thick and full eyebrows actually found them pretty acceptable to wear. The whole thing originated as a joke by a talented make up artist, who never actually intended it to become a thing.

As always, there are Internet trolls who have been hating on the new brows, but others are decidedly fond of the trend, which is entirely different to the blocky eyebrows that we’re so used to seeing nowadays.


To create the look and shape the brows, Sironen used Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade. Oh, and a glue stick.

Whatever you think of them, they’re certainly quirky and fun. The hate might be a little over the top – as with anything else, no one’s forcing you to replicate it!

Hilariously enough, Instagram is as divided over this budding trend as the divide in the brows themselves.


It’s not without skill and patience, either: try parting your own brows and you’ll see how time consuming the whole thing is. Despite what others might think, the feather brow actually does take a fair bit of talent to execute.

One Instagram user really summarised the whole situation by commenting: “Joke or not, you started something.”

And she definitely has! Sironen confessed that she was originally inspired by a friend, who was being equally as inventive with her own brows. Just goes to show that there’s a lot more to make up than applying products on top of each other.

Are these the new in thing or a beauty fail? Let us know what you think in the comments!