People With Parkinson’s Do The Mannequin Challenge!

People With Parkinson’s Do The Mannequin Challenge!

While the Mannequin Challenge is practically old news at this point, this latest version of the social media challenge carries an important message.

You’ve probably seen a lot of these freeze-frame videos, some of the best ones being:

The Late Late Show with James Corden

This next level SNL Mannequin Challenge!

And of course, the adorable dog mannequin challenges!

While these Mannequin Challenge videos have entertained and amazed us, this most recent addition will hit you right in the feels.

This new video that features several people with Parkinson’s doing the Mannequin Challenge might just be the most important video you’ll watch today. Maybe even this week.

Parkinson’s Disease can result in the following symptoms: shaking, stiffness, slow movement, and difficulties with balance.

The video highlights the daily struggles that people with Parkinson’s face, it was released by Parkinson’s NSW last week.

Clare Audet from Parkinson’s NSW said: “An estimated 80,000 people in Australia live with Parkinson’s, and approximately 700,000 people are directly impacted by Parkinson’s as they care for or have a loved one with Parkinson’s.”

The video was made to spread awareness of the difficulties that people with the disease face, and the impact it can have on their lives. People with Parkinson’s were filmed alongside people without it to create maximum impact.

The line that appears at the end of the video is a powerful message:

“Until there’s a cure, life is our challenge”.