People Share Their Experiences After Agreeing To Take Back A Cheating Ex

People Share Their Experiences After Agreeing To Take Back A Cheating Ex

People Share Their Experiences After Agreeing To Take Back A Cheating Ex

“Should I give my cheating ex a second chance?” It is an age old question that is kind of impossible to advise people on. When Reddit user Darius314, decided to ask the question in a Ask Reddit post, he received over 3,500 responses. Below we have shared seven of the most popular answers which all tell a different story but do seem to have a general theme. We will let you make you own minds up.


Redditors who have given their SO’s another chance after getting cheated on: How’s your relationship now?

1. The first guy really does seem to be better off without her.

She just cheated on me more, then remained my “friend” after leaving me and my son for my best friend. Then cheated on him a few times, they are still together. I guess we’re more alike than we thought. She just recently “friend dumped” me because i asked her if she wanted to visit her son on Tuesday. She doesn’t know i’ve been keeping records for months building a solid case for a hefty lawsuit.

2. Another response came from a girl who has made the realisation that it is better for over to actually mean over!

Over. We were f*cking miserable for another 3 months then it ended. We’re now sort of friends when we can be bothered. He tried to cheat on me with his ex, but she turned him down. I found out when I found texts from her basically telling him he needed to sort himself out and stop dicking me around. I never met his ex but if there’s some sort of general sisterhood solidarity type award she f*cking deserves it.

3. Next came a response from a guy who seems to have been married to a serial cheater.

She cheated on me two more times and left me. Had another failed marriage after me and, according to mutual friends, is now married to the guy I caught her cheating with about 20 years ago.

4. The next comment came from a guy who was speaking on behalf of his wife. She had been cheated on in the past but it seems her cheater now wants her back!

My SO got cheated on early in her college life. She said it was easier to forgive than one would think. She caught him again later and it was done with. The weird part is that it’s been like 8 years and he still has a thing for her and thinks of me as the guy with his ex. Which, I am, but it’s weird to be upset that someone is dating your ex who broke up with you 8 years ago for cheating. 

5. And then came the first story with a happy ending!

He took a year off drinking and is now able to have a night where he has a couple drinks and it doesn’t escalate to getting black out drunk (like he was when he did shady Shit). He worked his ass off to be a better person in general. It wasn’t just for me-it was for him and his future (which I think made the biggest difference). We worked intensely on our communication (I grew up very emotionally closed and we didn’t communicate well at all as a result).

6 years later we are 1000 times happier than we were before he cheated. It brought us closer.

That being said- I’m typically the one to say cheating is a 100% deal breaker. I understand my experience is unique to this situation and not everyone has such results.

6. Then came a comment from a guy who did the cheating.


I wanted to work it out, but I just never got it right in my mind, and turned into a jealous douche. It was awful, and she left. Thank god because I was just stupid back then. No regrets because I am in a good place now, but I would never do that again. It never goes away.

7. And finally a girl who seems to have been dating an actual animal!

Non-existant, for the best.

I forgave him after I found out about the first time he cheated on me. He was drunk at a New Years party, and he told me he kissed another girl. So I went, oh okay, its not a big deal. You just kissed a girl at midnight. Whatever.

From then on I always had a suspension that he was cheating on me with other people, but just didn’t have the proof. So I tried to convince myself, oh its just from that stupid incident that happened years ago.

Then cut to 3 years later I find out about the 30 other women he cheated on me with(all different degrees).

So there yo have it. The tales of seven different people who decided to take back their cheating partner to give them a second change. Going by these comments, I would say the odds are definitely weighted against you if you do decide to take back your ex but I would be really interested to hear any stories or experiences you may have in the comments below.