Photos Of Dad Helping Daughter Through Home Birth Go Viral

Photos Of Dad Helping Daughter Through Home Birth Go Viral

Photos Of Dad Helping Daughter Through Home Birth Go Viral

    The photos, taken during labor, have been blowing up on social media…

    In recent years, home births have become more and more popular in this country. This is partly due to social media trends, but is also down to improvements in technology and access to specialist care for those who can afford it.

    While hospital births are still generally considered the norm, some moms-to-be are choosing to deliver their children from the comfort of their own home whenever circumstances allow it.

    There are many reasons why home births are desirable — you’re in a familiar place, and that in itself can help moms relax during the often stressful and painful process of labor.

    New mom Steph Hendel, above, and her husband, Josh Tarnofsky, knew that they wanted a home birth to welcome their first child, so they called in an expert midwife to guide them through it.

    They hired Lindsey Meehleis, a midwife with Orange County Midwifery, to assist them with the labor and delivery. While Steph and Josh had an initial idea of who would be on their “birth team” (the select group of people who can are present during the birth), they eventually decided that the ‘team’ should include Steph’s dad, Joe.

    Steph told Romper that she was initially hesitant about having her dad present during her labor, but in the end, it made sense for her.

    “At first I didn’t know what to do about having my dad there, I was not far off from people making [negative] comments. But when I got into labor there was no doubt in my mind. This is the most natural beautiful process in the world, this is my father, he has been so supportive of me my whole life.”

    Steph also spoke about the home environment, and how the couple had made it as nice as possible.

    “We had rose petals in the birth tub, candles, beautiful music… it was chanting, natural music… it was like what I imagine as the sounds of giving birth back in the day. We could eat and drink nourishing things. It felt exciting. Every birth is beautiful but this felt like such a good fit for us.”

    With Steph’s blessing, Lindsey’s team captured a few incredibly intimate images of Joe supporting Steph, and shared them in an Instagram post which has since gone viral.