Pictures You Can Relate Too If You're Obsessed With Fried Chicken

Pictures You Can Relate Too If You’re Obsessed With Fried Chicken

Pictures You Can Relate Too If You’re Obsessed With Fried Chicken

We all love fried chicken. Truth be told, you’re lying if you say you don’t. The American concept initially, now dominates worldwide fast food cuisine, with some taking their adoration that little bit too far. Here are some creative examples of fried chicken, that’ll be sure to get you licking your fingers.

A birthday cake of chicken

Yes, that’s right. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. That is in fact a typically traditional birthday cake, topped with what appears to be Southern Fried Chicken. Sweet meets savoury here, and the funny thing is, I actually really want to sample it.

On the other hand, this absolute beauty looks even more appealing. The sweet tooth element has been thrown out the window, and the savoury has been brought in. I think I genuinely would be overcome with emotion if I was to be served with this “cake”.

Replace bread, with chicken. 

A seemingly simple, yet ingenious idea. Why let bread get in the way, when you could be securing yourself another layer of Southern Fried Chicken goodness? It only makes sense.

Okay so it looks like bread really is on its way out. The individual who recommended a pizza with a base of chicken needs hugging, knighting, and paying vast sums of cash. What a man. (Or woman)

Tower Your Chicken

Yeah with chicken, you either go hard or head home, frankly. If you order a quarter pounder burger, you should be publicly embarrassed, in similar fashion to Cersei Lanaster paraded through the streets of Kings Landed, naked.

But seriously, man up and get as many pieces of fried heaven as you can into that bun.

Cockails with the girls? 

Why not integrate a bit of chicken, into your mojito? You’d certainly make a statement walking to the table with this badboy. To be fair though in my experience I’ve found it’s the women that can seemingly eat their body weight in fast food, so if you’re an up and coming cocktail establishment looking to make a quick buck, look no further.


A world chicken really does not belong in, is the cupcake, but it looks so right. Who says you can’t sit down to a cupcake at afternoon tea, with a huge fillet o’ chicken peeking from the top? Nobody. That’s right, do it, because we all know it will vastly improve your life.

Fried Ice Cream

This admittedly is a rather wild, unique combination, but one I’d certainly be open to trying. Only if it comes with a flake though. Cause without it’d just be plain weird.

Chicken Scented Candle

I feel a worldwide production of this bad boy would put the likes of Air Wick out of business. Imagine the scene, coming in after a long day at the office, grab a beer, kick back and allow the scent of our favourite fried bird to surround and soothe you.

Fried Chicken … in crisps? 

Hang on a minute, what’s going on. Why is this not something we have access too? Fried chicken flavoured crisps would be such an unstoppable force, that even “The Beast from The East” would be rivalled.

A Bouquet of Chicken

With Mothers Day approaching, this is certainly something to consider. Nothing says I love you more than a gift wrapped assortment of fried chicken to accompany her flowers.

Fried Chicked heart

Keeping on the theme of using Fried Chicken to show your untold affection, here’s a genius present that would have been a perfect gift for Valentines. If I were to receive this I would break down in a pile of tears, and ketchup.

Whatever happens, we all know that your love for fried chicken, will continue eternally.