Piers Morgan Brings Mother To Tears In This Emotionally Charged Interview

Piers Morgan Brings Mother To Tears In This Emotionally Charged Interview


Mother Sarah Louise Bryan made headlines recently after she billed another parent £325 when her daughter Isabella came home from a play date with pen on her shoes.


The 28 year old appeared on todays episode of Good Morning Britain to discuss the story and came under fire from Piers Morgan.

It all started when she told the interviewers that she had so far bought her daughter 60 pairs of shores.

Piers said: ‘There will not be a mother or father watching this interview who is not looking at you thinking “what on earth are you doing buying a three-year-old girl 60 pairs of shoes?”

‘They will also be thinking – I can guarantee it, to a man and woman – sending a bill to a friend who has just had them round for a play date for a few . Do you understand how preposterous this makes you look?’

Sarah replied: ‘I do understand and I have had so much abuse. You don’t understand. You have absolutely no idea. This is nothing to do with my parenting and it is not fair, all of the bullying.

‘When I was younger I was abused. This is over a pair of shoes.’


‘What does this have to do with a bill you sent to a friend?’ Piers asked.

Sarah then started to tear up and said: ‘This is to do with the cyber-bullying and people having a go constantly. It’s not fair and it’s not right.’

Susanna Reid then interjected trying to calm things down a little saying: ‘Sarah, no one wants you to be upset.’

The show then went to ads but when it replied, Piers said to the camera: ‘We’ve had a bit of toast, bit of Marmite, all things have calmed down. Susanna thought I went a bit too hard on that mum…I have to say I’ve given it a lot of reflection in the break and I’ve decided I was right.’

Susanna said: ‘You always think you’re right. I don’t think someone crying on the sofa is particularly good result, is it?’


Piers answered: ‘I think that was a panicky reaction to the way that debate was going.’