'Plus Size' Model Eats 6 Kilos Of Nutella A MONTH To Get The World's Biggest Butt

‘Plus Size’ Model Eats 6 Kilos Of Nutella A MONTH To Get The World’s Biggest Butt

‘Plus Size’ Model Eats 6 Kilos Of Nutella A MONTH To Get The World’s Biggest Butt

We’re into that time of year where extra pounds and waistline inches seem to just magically appear overnight. One minute we’re looking forward to the Christmas break, the next we’ve put on about 20 pounds and end up stressing about how we’re going to get rid if it all before we have to go back to work.

One person who won’t be worrying about any of that is 25-year-old Natasha Crown gained 3st 2lb prior, who has basically made it her mission in life to have the world’s largest butt.

Big butts have become all the rage in the last 5 years or so, and Natasha is actively trying to make hers even bigger every day. She even prepared for her second surgery by eating tons of pizza and six KILOS of Nutella a month, so that she’d have more body fat to inject into her six and a half foot rear.

Natasha Crown!

This might seems extreme to most people, but Natasha, from Sweden, is more than okay with the way her body is going.

“I think bigger is better. I will never ever be slim again. My bum is like a different dimension,” she said. “I have broken chairs with my butt, I have broken beds, I have broken people. I have always been different and in Sweden women think slimmer is more beautiful. But I think people need to see this is how real women should look.”

…I’m not sure about that, Natasha. Are you saying you have to be obese to be a ‘real woman’? There are plenty of health risks associated with what Natasha is doing, not just internally but also in terms of the practicalities of everyday life. I mean, she said herself – she breaks chairs with her butt!

Still, Natasha seems happy with her choices:

“After my first surgery, I was so happy. Six months later I told him he did a great job but I wanted to have more and he was like ‘OK’. We planned the second surgery. I knew the more fat I had, the bigger I was going to be. So I decided to gain a lot of weight.”

“I love to eat, I gained 20kgs (3st 2lbs) and then I did the second surgery.”

I think every doctor on earth would describe Natasha as dangerously overweight, but I guess she’s not thinking about the long-term health risks – for Natasha, it’s all about that bass, and she’ll do whatever it takes to get it.

Natasha Crown!

“Over the last four years I have had three Brazilian butt lifts, one breast augmentation and then I’ve done some fillers in my chin, lips and my cheekbones” she said. “That’s not surgery, it just completed my look. People came to me and said ‘are you a plus size model?’ So I thought ‘OK I’ll do that’”

There’s a huge demand for plus-size models, and Natasha certainly fits the bill.

“Right now I work out three to four times-a-week. Everyone wants to be size 0 and I’m size 50.”

Natasha has had a third butt lift, as well as a boob job and fillers in her chin. At the time of writing, she has about 320,000 followers on Instagram, so if you see Instagram followers as a measure of success, she’s obviously doing something right.

There’s plenty of surgery ahead for Natasha, and it’s not just her behind she’s focusing on.

“I’m having a consultation to see if they can fix my breasts because they’re really saggy now. I want to lift them up and make them bigger,” She added.

“My goal is to have the world’s biggest bum and nothing is going to stop me.”

I guess everyone needs a goal in life.