Polly Pocket Are Relaunching Their Classic 90's Toy

Polly Pocket Are Relaunching Their Classic 90’s Toy

Polly Pocket Are Relaunching Their Classic 90’s Toy

Great news for Polly Pocket fans as you will be able to buy the beloved compact toy this summer!

As we get further away from the 80’s, the toy’s are becoming more missable and hopefully some genius will come along and bring them all back to life.

If you didn’t know already then Polly Pockets are the small tiny worlds crammed into a small confined case. They came with the small doll herself, Polly and her friends who fit inside the case, so you can take them anywhere and everywhere.

They came in a few different options: garden, home beach, amusement parks, castles etc and created hours of fun for kids. More than 10 million Polly Pocket sets we’re sold before the line was discontinued.

The best toy’s to receive on your birthday had to be a polly pocket! They we’re that small you didn’t expect a great toy from such a small package.

Due to the amount of fun you could have fun with a Pocket, you could either play it on your own with the different environments or you could swap with a friend and play with theirs.

The creator of the pocket, Bluebird Toys made 350 Polly Pocket sets between 1989 and 1998 before they we’re sold to Mattel. Mattel then gave the brand a makeover, but unfortunately they never took off. However, due to the relaunch we should see Pockets resemble close to the originals. They’ll be hitting shelves this June!

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If you have an old Polly Pocket set it could be worth £1,420.

Rare versions of the pocket are fetching up to £1420 on eBay if they’re in mint condition, whilst used miniature dolls are being flogged for more than £720.