Popular Cinema Drink Ice Blast Go Sugar Free Ahead of new Sugar Tax

Popular Cinema Drink Ice Blast Go Sugar Free Ahead of new Sugar Tax

Popular Cinema Drink Ice Blast Go Sugar Free Ahead of new Sugar Tax

Moviegoers are up in arms, and it’s got nothing to do with what they’re watching on screen. It’s all to do with a fundamental item loved and purchased in cinema foyers up and down the country…the Tango Ice Blast!

The iced drinks are usually a hit with film lovers due to their sweet flavours. But recently, Ice Blast owners Slush Puppie have said that they are going to scrap the sugar ahead of the new UK sugar tax guidelines that are coming into effect this month!

The tax was announced by Chancellor Philip Hammond in his budget statement during 2017. Money earned from the tax will be put into the Department for Education.

Confectionary and drinks companies will be taxed according to how much sugar is in their product. Two categories of the taxation are going to come into force. One relates to the total sugar content on drinks with more than 5g per 100ml, while a higher levy is imposed on drinks with 8g per 100ml or more.

The tax comes into force tomorrow (April 6) and it is estimated to raise around £520 million which will be used to fund sports in primary schools.

The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) chief executive, Shirley Cramer, said of the move:

“We are delighted that, as shown by the downgrading of the Treasury’s revenue expectations, the sugar levy is already working to spur reformulation of sugary drinks by manufacturers.

“This is a crucial development for the health of our children, who receive the highest proportion of their added sugar intake from such drinks.”

The introduction of the tax has forced several companies to begin thinking of ways to reduce their sugar content so they don’t get slapped with the extra prices. Scottish fizzy drink manufacturer Irn Bru announced in January 2018 that they will be producing a new sweetener-laced version of the fizzy favourite, which will see sugar content slashed by 54 per cent.

Ribena has also cut their sugar content to avoid the tax.

Tango Ice Blast has dropped sugar in favour of Sucralose sweetener- and fans aren’t happy. Taking to Twitter, fans of the popular drink had some rather strong things to say about this change.

But although the sugar has been removed, its replacement, Sucralose, is actually up to 650 times sweeter than sugar. Because the sweetener is calorie-free, it can often be found in low-calorie foods like fizzy drinks, chewing gum and breakfast cereals.

Some people report that it can cause migraines and headaches, but according to the NHS website, it is perfectly safe for people to consume.

In the statement released on the company’s website, the company said: “After extensive product development, testing, and in-cinema trials we are really excited to announce your favourite cinema treat is now guilt-free.”

“Tango Ice Blast No Sugar will be available in the following cinemas: Odeon, Cineworld, Vue, Empire, Showcase, Reel. A large number of our Independent customers will also be changing over to No Sugar.”

Well I’m just going to pop to my nearest cinema to give this new no-sugar treat a whirl! Laters.