Poundland Offer A Three Course Valentine's Deal For Just A Fiver

Poundland Offer A Three Course Valentine’s Deal For Just A Fiver

Poundland Offer A Three Course Valentine’s Deal For Just A Fiver

Poundland is hoping to offer another commercial alternative to couples Valentine’s Day meals. by offering a £5 three course meal. The kingpin of which is an exotic tinned chilli con carne.

The food is obviously something at face value  that will secure the heart of your loved one, but in reality it could really test your love.

Lovers can feast on a Heinz carrot and coriander suit for appetizer, followed by a main course consisting of the finest tinned Princes’ chilli con carne, served on a bed of exotic Uncle Ben’s rice. If that’s not enough to get your juices flowing, for dessert there is a Mr Kipling sticky toffee pudding, served with the nations favourite Ambrosia Devon custard.

Hands up, this isn’t a specific offer that Poundland are marketing. Each ingredient listed costs, well, just a pound. So with the 5 components of your meal, it’ll cost just a fiver. Although the meal may not been some of the finest dining you’ve ever been exposed too, you can guarantee it’ll be more cost effective than that fillet steak.

If it’s meant to be, you’re partner should appreciate the romantic gesture, and accept that you are merely trying to make an effort. Although it’s probably more than likely they’ll beat you vigorously with that fillet steak.

The shop isn’t promoting the £5 deal, but instead attempting to flog an even cheaper alternative, at just £2! I think my moral compass would feel somewhat guilty on providing a luxury meal for my other half for just that price, and I’m a tight bugger.

The starter consists of a pack of ready salted crisps, a chicken sandwich, a can of Pepsi Max, and a Bounty for desert. They’re fairly insistent that you can split the meal in two, but to be given a split sandwich on Valentines, will mean you probably deserve the beating.

If that’s not the epitome of a balanced diet, I don’t know what is.

It seems there is a war in our supermarkets, attempting to provide the cheapest alternative to a lavish Valentines dinner out. The Co-op are advertising a two course meal for just £3.

You’ll be pleased to know you may get that steak with the meal as well. With the supermarket selling a main for two, two side dishes and a dessert! This does include steak and a melt in the middle chocolate pudding. Having not eaten lunch yet, I think I’ll be heading to my local Co-operative and purchasing a Valentines meal for one.

As we ascend up the price ladder, we can reveal that Greggs is offering a four course meal at one of their stores, for £15. Now there may actually be some partner, more o up North, who would take this as a gesture of pure love.

For £20 you can head to Wetherspoons, where they’re offering a three course meal for two, including drinks, for just £20. Pretty decent if you can’t stand the thought of a Valentines stuck in.

McDonalds too are joining in with the Valentine Day scramble. They’re offering a romantic sit down meal in selected stores, for just £20 a couple. This consists ofa choice of starter, cheddar bites, nuggets or even carrot sticks. If you’re that way out. A main course, which is made up of a wide range of your favourite McDonald burgers. For dessert, a trademark McDonalds McFlurry. Just think, you could cross arms and feed each other a Crunchie McFlurry, Lady & The Tramp style.

It seems Valentines Day has turned into a bit of a commercial paradise for eateries and supermarkets up and down the country, as they battle it out to win the custom of lovey dovey couples.

Who said love is dead? They were wrong. It’s evidently just cheap these day.