Primark Is Selling Their Own Version Of Alexander McQueen Loafers At A Fraction Of The Price

Primark Is Selling Their Own Version Of Alexander McQueen Loafers At A Fraction Of The Price

Primark Is Selling Their Own Version Of Alexander McQueen Loafers At A Fraction Of The Price

Floral patterns are all the rage this summer, especially in high end stores. And with loafers making a comeback, we were bound to see some pretty flowery ones sooner or later.

But what we didn’t know is that Primark had yet another surprise in store for us!

Since they’ve been taking a lot of their inspiration from popular designer brands, Primark are now offering a floral pair of loafers that bear a striking resemblance to those from Alexander McQueen.

The important difference? They’ll only set you back £8.

The original Alexander McQueen pair | Source: Net-A-Porter

This price is a significant amount less than the whopping £198 you’d have to fork out to buy the original Alexander McQueen pair.

It’s even more significant when you consider the fact that the designer shoes selling on Net-A-Porter right now are what they cost after a 60% off discount had been applied thanks to the sale.

These shoes were made in Italy and originally cost… Wait for it.

Are you ready?

The price tag of these shoes was originally a massive £495.

Yikes! This is the price AFTER a discount has been applied! | Source: Net-A-Porter

Don’t have that kind of dosh to spend on shoes? Neither do we. But the high street store is coming to our rescue once again.

We really do a lot to thank Primark for, because the pair available in store are even more of a bargain than their clothes and footwear usually are, all things considered.

Customers were drawn to Primark’s Instagram page, where they expressed their approval of these cute seasonal loafers.

“Now these I like,” One customer praised.

“Seen these and wanted them,” Wrote another Primark fan.

Source: Primark

This is far from the first time that Primark have surprised us all with a cute replica of designer brands.

Their copies come at only a fraction of the price anyone would pay for the originals, and some argue that Primark’s versions are actually more practical!

The original designer shoes will definitely cost you | Source: Net-A-Porter

Take, for example, the replica of the Miu Miu sandals – with the original Miu Miu shoes costing (approximately) an eye watering £734.

Primark even gave us their own twist on a pair of sliders that were inspired by a bow adorned Prada pair in May.

June saw Primark mimic some rather fancy gold studded patent flats that could compare to a Valentino designer pair – which would set you back £554.

Whatever you think of the stuff sold at Primark, you can’t deny that these are real bargain prices.

And we’d certainly rather only end up paying £8 at the end of the day!


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