Primark's New Range Is Literally Magical!

Primark’s New Range Is Literally Magical!

Primark’s New Range Is Literally Magical!

Harry Potter fans – get ready to transform your bedroom in to your Hogwarts wonderland!

From potion fairy lights to stationary, pyjamas, cushions and even bedside lamps, your love for all things magic is going to be taken to the next level.

Primark, our trusty affordable high-street store full of wand-erful bargains is set to launch a huge Harry Potter collection NEXT WEEK! Their range goes across all categories – homeware, back-to-school stationary and clothing! What more could you want?

Kick back and relax in your Potter-themed PJ’s, drinking out of your Potter-themed mug, to then place it back on it’s Potter-themed coaster, looking over at your magic mirror, chalk board, signposts, door hangers, all illuminated by your bedside light – you’ve basically got yourself your own Hogwarts dorm room!


Who doesn’t like fairy lights? These are only £8, too!

I know we’ve all been waiting for our own letter, but until then, have Harry’s on a super-comfortable cushion instead for only £4!

This adorable mug is just £5!

See whether you can pull off the iconic glasses with this unique magic mirror – £5!

Cozy up in this super-soft, super-cute hoodie for £10.


Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Gryffindor? Whatever house you’re in, the PJ sets are only £6.

If you want to keep your wizard life separate from your muggle family, this door hanger will do the trick! As cheap as £2.

If one pair of PJ’s isn’t enough (of course it’s not!) then enjoy this £5 nightdress, too!

You can never have too many pillows! The house crests are a way to splashes of colour, as well as more coziness to your bedroom! £4 each.

Just £8 for these awesome slippers to complete your outfit!


We’ve got a feeling Primark’s going to be busier than usual next week – will you be there too?