PugFest Is Set To Return To Birmingham - IF It Can Find A Venue!

PugFest Is Set To Return To Birmingham – IF It Can Find A Venue!

PugFest Is Set To Return To Birmingham – IF It Can Find A Venue!

The biggest Pug festival in the UK is hoping to make a return to Birmingham this year for a charity fundraising event – Jurassic Pug!

Previous themes have been Superhero Pugs (2015) and Circus Pugs (2016)! The last PugFest event was filmed by The One Show and then broadcast on BBC!

PugFest is hoping to make its return to Birmingham on Sunday, May 14, but only if it can find a location for its fundraiser!

For the past two years, the event has been held at The Pavilion in Witton, but Martin Clowes, the PugFest organiser, has said he’s now looking for an alternative location.

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He said: “Our last event in Birmingham attracted 2,000 people. We are now looking for a new venue and hope it can be arranged in time for our planned date in mid-May. Our first two events in Birmingham had Superhero and then Circus themes. This year we are planning for Jurassic Pug, complete with Jeeps from the film and a meet-and-greet Tyrannosaurus rex which all costs money to stage.”

Dinosaurs and pugs? Where do I sign up?


“There will also be a hands-on experience with reptiles, too. We also need places for people to park and secure space for the dogs to run around and we would again hope to raise money for Birmingham Dogs Home.”

Martin says that the increasing popularity of the pug breed has been reflected in the number of PugFest events across the country.


“We have been offered a great rate to appear at Media City in Manchester because they want us there,” Martin added.

Pugs are originally from China and were brought to Europe in the 16th century. Their lifespan is around 11 years.

“A Pug should cost around £950 upwards, but because of the rise in popularity you might see prices lower than that where something dodgy is going on… and pugs are also being stolen, too. They are so popular at the moment and in films and TV ads everywhere. At Christmas, we even had a combined Santa’s grotto event for Pugs and Frenchies – called Frugs.”


PugFest was established in memory of Rob’s (Martin’s son) rescue pug, Poppy. Poppy had amassed a following of around 18,000 on her Twitter page @Poppy_puggy, but she had to be put down due to a brain tumour when she was 9 years old.

Let’s hope that Jurassic PugFest goes ahead, because I definitely want to go!


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