Rapper “Honey G” Is Our Winner Of X Factor Before It Even Begins

Rapper “Honey G” Is Our Winner Of X Factor Before It Even Begins

I’ll be honest, when I watched the video in preparation for this article, I was not ready.

The 2016 X Factor has barely even begun and we may already have our fan favourite. She performs under the name “Honey G” and I think the G stands for the fact that she’s an absolute Gem.

Hailing from the streets of “North Weezy” (Harrow in North-West London), the 35-year-old states that she is representing the “X Factor massive” on the teaser for Saturday night’s show, much to the judge’s amusement. Except for Simon, who doesn’t experience laughter.

Starting with what are presumably her own sick rhymes, Honey G gets Sharon and Nicole joining in (albeit, a little ironically) before she breaks down to Missy Elliot’s ‘Work It’.

Source: ITV

Source: ITV

Sharon and Nicole are good sports (or slightly trolling good ol’ Honey G, depending on how you look at it) and the question of the day is whether or not spittin’ some sweet-as-honey lyrics is enough to send Honey G to boot camp. Sharon is down, after all…

Honestly, it’s clear that if Honey G does manage to make it to the next round, she’s going to be the amazing comedy relief act we all know and love each year.

There was Wagner…

…and who could forget the iconic Ablisa? (I mean, we didn’t really LOVE these two, but they provided us with some solid entertainment for almost 6 minutes).

And now there is Honey G. I have high hopes that she’ll progress to boot camp, if for no reason other than I want to see if her eyes match her jacket when she eventually takes those shades off!

Keep on surviving, Honey G!