Rare And Forgotten Toys And Games Of The 80's Copy

Rare And Forgotten Toys And Games Of The 80’s Copy

Rare And Forgotten Toys And Games Of The 80’s  Copy

There were so many memorable toys that we loved in the 80’s. Let’s not forget about the strange toys though! Like the ones you used to use as random baddies because you didn’t have a clue who they were! Take a look and see how many you remember.

1. Ninja Figures

These cool colourful ninjas were originally produced as a vending machine toy. I’m sure I got one in a party bag once.

2. Mr Chimney Pot

Everyone remembers the Big Yellow Tea Pot. Well this was the follow up!


3. Mr Pop

Like many 80’s games this was simple but great fun too!

4. Power Glove

This was a Nintendo controller and was an absolute flop!

5. Snugglebumms

These odd looking things used to giggle when shook.

6. Food Fighters

This was a strange line of Action Figures. Did anyone have them?


7. Police Academy Toys

The toys based on the cartoon based on the movies never really took off.

8. Bubble Power She-Ra

Now She-Ra was not for messing with but I’m not sure about this for a weapon!

9. Micronaughts

There were loads of these tiny toys to collect. Did anyone have any?

10. Megaforce

These were a series of war vehicles. They sold very poorly and were discontinued.

11. Easy Bake Oven

Wow! You could be just like your mum or dad and cook dinner!

12. Dingbot

Dingbot was ahead of its time back in 1980. Was anyone lucky enough to have one?


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