This Real Life 'Vampire' Is ADDICTED To Drinking Boyfriend's Blood Every Week

This Real Life ‘Vampire’ Is ADDICTED To Drinking Boyfriend’s Blood Every Week

This Real Life ‘Vampire’ Is ADDICTED To Drinking Boyfriend’s Blood Every Week

Stories about vampires, witches, and werewolves have always fascinated us. There is just something chillingly interesting about hearing stories of bloodsuckers and people who possess magical qualities.

Well, it looks like these vampire stories may actually be based on fact, as a 38-year-old woman has stepped forward as a real vampire.

Georgina Condon is 38, she currently lives in Brisbane, Queensland, and she is a self-confessed vampire.

Georgina is fascinated with blood. Quite often she will feel herself go weak, almost as if she’s about to pass out because she hasn’t had any blood. Not only that but this Brisbane based vampire is also allergic to sunlight. Coincidence? I think not!

Georgina was 17-years-old when she first drank someone’s blood. From that point onward she was hooked on blood, and her fascination and obsession with it would go on to play a big part in her relationships.


The 38-year-old vampire met her current boyfriend while she was exploring the secret world of vampires, looking to meet vampires and blood donors. That’s how she met 42-year-old boyfriend Darius.

‘When I was a child I’d pick my scabs so I could watch the red liquor appear. The blood looked so beautiful to me- I’d dip my finger in to taste it.’

As she got older, Georgina would go on to watch more and more vampire films, associating herself more and more with the vampire monsters.


Georgina’s first ‘victim’ was her friend Racheal, who offered her blood after hearing Georgina was interested in trying blood for the first time. ‘From that moment onwards I identified as a vampire.’

She keeps out of the sun because she suffers from solar dermatitis, which means she’ll develop red itchy rashes when exposed to the sun.


Once Georgina started to drink blood, she found herself craving it more and more. However, her cravings soon made sense to her as she also suffers from thalassemia, which lowers the bodies iron levels. Supplements can be taken for this, but blood is also a good supplement as it contains iron.

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