Reasons Christmas In The 90s Was Better Than It Is Now

Reasons Christmas In The 90s Was Better Than It Is Now

Reasons Christmas In The 90s Was Better Than It Is Now

Christmas was magical when we were kids and this might be the one instance where our 90s nostalgia is justified.

Here are some reasons why Christmas in the 90s was better than it is today.

1. Woolworths still existed.


The Amazon of the 90s, Woolworths was the high street hub of gift buying. Who still misses the pick ‘n’ mixes?


2. The Christmas Bible

Client: ARGOS
Design/Art Direction: THE CORE

The Argos catalogue was the bible for kids picking their Christmas presents. I’d dog-ear the pages and then circle what I wanted. Some kids would cut out the pictures and stick them onto a collage of a Christmas list.

3. The toys were better

We had Stretch Armstrongs. Gameboy Color. The weird robotic dogs with the colourful ears.


4. Better technology


Maybe not better, but because it was all so new our tiny minds were blown by the simplest advancements and I think we all kind of miss it.

5. The internet didn’t take over the day

While nobody here is knocking the amazing capabilities of the internet, in the 90s, you had to spend the day with your family. You couldn’t pause the festivities every 5 seconds to Instagram your Christmas dinner or to tell Facebook every present you received.

6. Handwritten Christmas cards

You handwrote Christmas cards to your friends rather than just sending a mass text to all your phone contacts or firing off a quick Facebook message. If you sent and received a handwritten Christmas card, you knew you were a top friend.

What do you think? What key 90s memory do you think proves that a 90s Christmas was better than now? Let us know in the comments!