Reasons Why Fans Actually Love Celebrity Big Brother’s Stephen Bear

Reasons Why Fans Actually Love Celebrity Big Brother’s Stephen Bear

Big Brother has been filled with arguments, banter, saucy moments and fantastic tasks since it started. None of these things comes as a shock to the show’s loyal audience.

Source: REX Features

Source: REX Features

But then Stephen Bear entered the house. A reality-television contestant from Ex on the Beach and Shipwrecked.

Bear has been constantly sizing up the other celebrities in the house and lashes out when everyone least expects it – usually for what seems to be his own amusement.

How has Bear’s behaviour affected the house?

Bear seemed to form his own ‘squad’, consisting of Chloe, Marnie, Lewis and sometimes Heavy D, but to everyone else he has been an absolute nightmare.

His behaviour even managed to piss off Mob Wives star Renee Graziano!

He has created problems for everybody, including Loose Woman Saira Khan and he recently had a blow out with singer Aubrey O’Day.

Ricky Norwood and Frankie Grande were just out to have a good time, but Bear left them feeling so attacked right now.

Even his mate Lewis Bloor had his patience tested over the coffee-gate incident, nevermind when Bear vandalised the school annual!

How’s Bear avoided eviction when many complain about him?

The online consensus is that nobody likes Bear, but everyone wants to see what he’ll do next…

Source: Array

Source: Array

But some viewers actually love Bear!

Some people claim that Bear has made this series – when the reality of the situation is merely that his obnoxious presence hasn’t given any of the other contestants time to shine.

There are three potential reasons someone might like Bear:

The laughs he provides from his daft behaviour.

The lust factor he produces as a good looking bloke and his blatant affection with Chloe Khan.

Source: Ruckas

Source: Ruckas

And finally…

The lunatic behaviour, breaking Big Brother rules, and appealing to the people who wish they could stick it to the man.

What Bear needs

Bear needs to learn that the world does not, in fact, revolve around him. Maybe some anger management classes, or just to learn some genuine human empathy for other people.

Ex-contestant broadcaster James Whale, said: Bear could be a decent person given guidance.

I’ll believe it when I see it.