Recent Survey Shows Women Like Their Closest Friends More Than Their Own Partners

Recent Survey Shows Women Like Their Closest Friends More Than Their Own Partners

Recent Survey Shows Women Like Their Closest Friends More Than Their Own Partners

Well then, what do we make of this then Acidheads?

It doesn’t matter who you are, what choices you’ve made in life and what age you are now, chances are if you’ve been lucky enough to have someone stick by your side the entire time, then you’re pretty freakin close right? I’m not talking about your boyfriend or girlfriend though ladies, i’m talking about your best pals.

And, as much as we appreciate everything our significant others do for us, apparently we have fonder feelings for our best friends than we do for the so called ‘loves of our lives’.

That’s according to a recent survey carried out by the spa and healthcare company, Champneys anyway.

They questioned over 1,500 women with just over 50% claiming that they enjoyed a closer bond with their BFF’s than their spouses.

Ok, so it’s not like it was a landslide decision representing women everywhere. But, it’s pretty freakin’ interesting nonetheless.

I mean surely most people would’ve thought in terms of ‘closeness’, a husband or boyfriend would’ve been pretty hard to beat. Without going to deep into it, you share the most ‘intimate’ moments with them, so a bond has to be pretty strong right? Well, not always.

The reason most agreed on as to why women prefer their best friends to their husbands was the fact they felt they could speak about anything with another woman. In second spot was the fact that many of the women surveyed thought their friends actually listened more than their partners, which should be ringing some alarm bells for the men out there as that’s an easy fix!

The next reason down the list referred to being able to tell their best friend things they couldn’t tell their partner. This one makes sense because if you need to vent, or you’ve got something that’s troubling you that might perhaps be about your spouse, who’s the first person you go to? Your closest friends. Even though that probably isn’t always the best option, it’s certainly the easiest.

That’s not it either, the thorough survey found that 39% of women also said they prefer their friends because “we laugh until we cry”, 29% said “I can truly be myself” and 25% stated that they had much more in common. Do you ever feel as though you can only be your complete absolute weirdo-self around your best friend, because I don’t think you’d be alone.


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Oh dear husbands…

And, here’s some more:

Over 40% agreed their girl-friends were better company due to the fact that they “enjoy the same things”.

Of course, all of this needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. Firstly because the survey was carried out by a spa, which are usually targeted more towards groups of females. Hen parties, weekend breaks etc. And secondly because 1,500 people or so doesn’t exactly represent the 3.5 billion women on the planet. Having said that, the results of the survey may still surprise a few. Especially considering some of the answers given, such as feeling as friends listen more than husbands. Something to work on there men…

At the end of the day, the bonds we share with our husbands/boyfriends/girlfriends and those we share with our best friends should be looked at as special and in an ideal world there’d never be any competition between the two.

What do you make of the survey Acidheads? Do you think it’s all a bit of nonsense or do you think the results are representative of a large portion of women out there?

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