If Your Relationship Is Like This, Then It's More Likely To Last

If Your Relationship Is Like This, Then It’s More Likely To Last

If Your Relationship Is Like This, Then It’s More Likely To Last

Remember back when we were younger and relationships were single?

You’d stand across the playground as your mate would ask your crush out for you, and basically never really speak to them anyway – unless it was on MSN Messenger, of course. (You knew it was serious when you were in their screen name with a heart emoticon next to it).

But nowadays it’s a lot more complicated as people are “keeping it casual” and making sure it’s “not too deep” – you’ve got to figure out whether you’re just ‘talking’ or ‘seeing each other’ or whether you’re ready to go social media official, in an actual relationship.

Speaking of social media, let’s admit it, we all get pretty sick of seeing people’s love lives all over it whether we’re in a relationship or not. Yes, we’re happy that you’re happy, but we don’t need constant updates and sappy love posts 24/7.

Apparently, there’s even a study that says there’s some sort of connection between the amount of couple-related things you post on your social media and how content you actually are within your relationship.

It’s said that in general, people who use social media less or even not at all are happier overall – www.indy100.com reports that constant social media use can be linked to depression, as you’re always comparing your life and yourself to what you see on social media, as it’s easy to forget that social media only showcases the best of people’s lives.

We hear it all the time, don’t we? That without worrying about capturing everything for social media, you really live in the moment and are naturally more present for it. Is there some truth behind it?

But, that’s just one side of the long-running debate. Another study¬†argues that couples who update their relationship status on Facebook are more committed to each other than those who don’t.

So at the end of the day, if you’re in love, then you’re in love, and you can share that with all your friends and family online, or you can keep it more personal between the two of you – it’s your choice!